Major Soccer odds Leagues Estimate Return Dates & Status

Major Soccer Leagues Estimate Return Dates & Status

Written by on May 29, 2020

There are signs that the professional sports leagues across the globe are beginning to look at returning to action, with several already back in action or announcing a tentative return date. Given the popularity of the sport, it is perhaps not surprising that it is soccer that is leading the way in getting back to business. While not every soccer league is on board with a return, which we will discuss further in a moment, many more are ready to get back although all seem intent on playing the remainder of the season behind closed doors. Safety is paramount here, which is why all dates mentioned in the following piece need to be considered tentative. Let’s take a closer look  at what each major league is doing and their soccer odds.

Major Soccer Leagues Estimate Return Dates & Status

Bundesliga (Germany)

This was the first league to announce that they would be returning to action, which essentially set the domino effect in motion. The Bundesliga will be heading into their third full week back in business this coming weekend, and while they are committed to playing without fans in attendance, they have done some things to make the TV viewing a little more easy on the eye. Some teams are using cardboard cutouts of fans in the seats, while others are piping in crowd noise.

English Premier League

After allowing players to resume contact training earlier this week, the EPL formally announced that the season would resume on June 17, with the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup also expected to resume. In an effort to ensure fans stay away from gathering outside stadiums, there is a potential plan to play bigger games at neutral venues. Every game will be staggered, with each one set to be shown live on TV in the UK. There is basically going to be football on TV for 5 days per week if the plan goes ahead as expected, which is great news for fans and bettors across the world looking for soccer odds.

La Liga (Spain)

Once the Spanish government announced that sports would be allowed to resume on June 8, you knew that La Liga would not be long in pulling the trigger on resuming the season. That has indeed been the case, as they will get things rolling again beginning on June 11. There are still 11 rounds of games to be played, but the league has committed to playing games every day so that the season can be completed by July 19, with all games set to go off behind closed doors.

Serie A (Italy)

Given how bad the coronavirus got in Italy, there was a strong belief that it might be quite some time before we got to see the Serie A back in action. That has not proven to be the case, though, as the league will return on June 20. This return is a little stricter, though, as the government has made it clear that they will call for a suspension of play if cases begin to spike again in Italy.

Still to be Decided

While some teams in the Serie A in Brazil returned to training this week, there is no official date for a return. There is talk of a June restart, but reports indicate that many players are not on board with the idea of getting back to action.

The MLS is reportedly in talks to have players head to Orlando, Florida on June 21, after which they would host a return to play tournament in that city. There are a lot of details still to be ironed out, so this is all still very much up in the air.

Leagues Not Returning

Ligue 1 in France have already pulled the plug on their season, declaring PSG as the champions. It is a similar story in Scotland, with Celtic being crowned champions after the Premier League season was officially cancelled. MyBookie bettors, expect until next year for soccer odds to come back for the already cancelled leagues.