MLS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – August 3rd Edition

MLS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – August 3rd Edition

Major League Soccer’s MLS Is Back! Tournament played to it’s final four over the weekend. We dive deep into the teams that made it to the semifinals as well as provide an opinion on how the tournament has shaped soccer in the United States, along with their MLS odds.

MLS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – August 3rd Edition

2020 MLS Is Back Tournament

  • When: July 8 – August 11
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 Major League Soccer MLS Is Back! Tournament Update

It was a crazy, awesome Thursday through Sunday in the MLS Is Back! Tournament. A couple of squads laid down the law.

On July 30, Philadelphia Union blasted Sporting KC 3-1. Union blasted home 3 goals in the span of 15 minutes. Sergio Santos scored 2 of the 3 while Jamiro Monteiro opened the onslaught in the 24th minute.

Philadelphia faces the Portland Timbers on August 5. Portland struggled to get past NYCFC on August 1.

Okay. Struggled is a bit hyperbolic. The Timbers didn’t grab the go ahead goal until the 65th minute. Up until then, Portland and NYCFC were knotted at 1-1. But Portland added another goal at the 76th minute to win 3-1.

Check out moneyline odds and the draw on Portland Timbers versus Philadelphia Union.

This is what makes soccer such an alluring bet. If you believe a team wins in regulation, in the first 90 minutes plus a few minutes of extra time, you can wager on either squad at above even money!

Now that we’ve got Portland-Philadelphia down, let’s turn our attention to the other side of the bracket.

Let’s start with the August 1 match because that was more of a walkover than the July 31 battle. On August 1, Minnesota dominated, thrashed, pulled a 1980’s Super Bowl type blowout victory on the pitch.

Minnesota United bombed the San Jose Earthquakes 4-1. They obliterated SJ. It was even close. Must we dig deep into this matchup?

Not really. The other matchup was way more interesting because LAFC entered the MLS Is Back! Tournament a heavy favorite to win the entire thing.

We call that foreshadowing. Yep. LAFC lost to Orlando City. The two squads went to penalty kicks after they couldn’t solve a 1-1 draw.

LAFC lost 4-5. Orlando City faces Minnesota Union in the other semifinal. That happens on August 6. Check out the odds!

Renewed interest in American soccer

The MLS Is Back! Tournament has caused soccer haters in the U.S. to rethink their position. One of the reasons is due to the excellent play.

Games have showcased huge talents like Sergio Santos. We also love underdogs. While teams like Real Madrid and Liverpool win league titles without having a playoff, MLS teams must win this year’s championship via a tournament.

For Americans, that makes things much more exciting. Make sure to watch and handicap the two MLS Is Back! Semifinal matches later this week!