Nitto ATP Finals Odds and Analysis: Qualified Players, 3 More Spots to Fill

Nitto ATP Finals Odds and Analysis: Qualified Players, 3 More Spots to Fill

Who is the best player in the men’s game in tennis? There are some obvious names here, but each year, we get a definitive answer to the question at the Nitto ATP Finals. This season, the Finals, which are in their 53rd year, will be held in Turin for the 2nd time in history. The ATP Finals will run from November 13-20 and will be home to the 8 best players in the organization, but who is in, and who will miss out? Let’s break down things as they stand now so you can continue planning your bets against the ATP Odds.

Nitto ATP Finals Around the Corner: Who’s In, Who’s Out, Complete Bust, Maybe Next Year

Qualification for the ATP Finals

As mentioned earlier, a total of 8 players makes it to the ATP Finals, but how do they get there? There are a few different ways in, which are:

  • On the Monday after the final ATP tournament of the season, the Paris Masters, the top 7 players are in.
  • As many as 2 Grand Slam winners from the current year get in.
  • The 8th ranked player in the ATP Rankings.

Given these methods of getting in, there are situations where we might end up with more than 8 players. In those situations, the players lower down in the selection order become alternates who get in if any of the top 8 players are forced to drop out.

Who’s In for the 2022 ATP Finals?

Right now, there are 5 players who have already punched their ticket to the Nitto ATP Finals, which means that just 3 spots remain. There are 6 tournaments remaining in the 2022 ATP Schedule, so plenty of time for some more drama as we look to fill those final few spots. Here is a quick breakdown of the players that are in:

  • Carlos Alcaraz
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Casper Ruud
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Novak Djokovic

Like we mentioned, not a ton of surprises in that group, but there are a few names not there that have to be considered a little surprising.

Players on the Bubble or Missing Out

This has been a bit of a strange season in that the Russian players have been put through the wringer due to the war in Ukraine. They were banned from playing at Wimbledon in a move that the ATP did not full endorse. They are still allowed to play in the ATP, albeit under a neutral flag that does not represent Russia. Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev are the most notable of the bunch, and both still have a shot at getting in.

In terms of surprises, there are a couple of names that jump out. Alexander Zverev is sitting down in 11th in the standings at the moment, but it’s incredibly tight at the top, so he still has a decent shot at picking up the points necessary to crack the top 8.

Perhaps the biggest surprise at the moment is the absence of Nick Krygios, who has had a great year, which included a run to the Wimbledon Final. He falls into the maybe next year category, as he has a knee injury, sustained at the Japan Masters, that has ruled him out for the season. That does, though, leave the door open for some other very good players.


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