What has your partner said more of during 2020?

How much weight has your partner gained?

Has your partner electronically flirted with others during lockdown?

Do you know the password to your partners phone?

How many exes does your partner keep in contact with on social media?

Has your partner cheated with others during lockdown?

Did you take advantage of the Free Pornhub Premium Coronavirus Offer?

How many times a week do you quietly masturbate in another room?

Do you and your partner have children?

Does your partner treat the toothpaste tube with enough respect?

Has your partner started binge-watching shows you hate?

Does your partner do any of the cooking?

Does your partner do any of the dishes?

Do you both vote for the same political party every election?

Has one of you lost your job because of the Coronavirus?

Has one of you had Coronavirus?

Does your partner loudly chew their food?

Does your partner engage in internet battles with strangers on facebook?

Does your partner bathe themselves less than before Coronavirus was released into the world?

Have you secretly or openly wished ‘The Rona’ upon your significant other?

Has one of you become pregnant since COVID-19 began?

Has your partner picked up a drug habit in 2020?

Do you and your partner have a difference in opinion how Coronavirus was started?

Are both of you artists? (always breaking up with each other and sleeping around)

Has your partner referred a member of the opposite sex to MyBookie and claimed it was only to get the 250% bonus?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with the way your partner spends their Sundays between September and January each year?

Have you and your partner tried new sexual activities during lockdown?

Do you have a semi attractive live-in maid/nanny/butler?

Did any of your partners relatives move in with you during 2020?

If you had to choose between sports returning or saving your marriage, which would it be.