Top Boxing Matches to Bet On: Herring vs Stevenson Highlights Weekend Action

Top Boxing Matches to Bet On: Herring vs Stevenson Highlights Weekend Action

Two big boxing title fights happen this weekend. On Friday, Oscar Rivas and Ryan Rozicki throw down for the WBC Bridgerweight, formerly called super cruiserweight, title. Then on Saturday, one of the top pound-for-pound boxers on the planet steps into the ring when Shakur Stevenson fights for Jamel Herring’s WBO Junior Lightweight belt. Check out an in depth analysis of both fights along with boxing picks and Boxing Lines

Boxing Events: Stevenson Takes On Herring in the Weekend’s Top Match

WBC Bridgerweight Title: Oscar Rivas vs. Ryan Rozicki

Why bet on Ryan Rozicki to beat Oscar Rivas?

Ryan “The Bruiser” Rozicki is 13-0 with 13 knockout victories. Although light on experience, Rozicki has power for days. He can knock opponents out by going to the head or going to the body. 

Not only that, but Rozicki has a high-guard which makes it difficult for opponents to connect. Almost as important? He turns his feet over and moves at his waist. One more thing about Rozicki is that he turns with punches, meaning he lessens the impact of each punch that lands.  

Why bet on Oscar Rivas to beat Ryan Rozicki?

27-1 with 19 knockout victories, most consider Oscar “Kaboom” Rivas a solid favorite. The Colombian’s lone loss happened against well-regarded Dillian Whyte. 

Rivas is the naturally bigger man, which means he’ll have a weight advantage in this bout. Not only that, but he moves well to get himself into position to throw power punches. When he unloads, Rivas throws vicious punches that cause damage no matter where they land.    

Final Betting Analysis: Oscar Rivas versus Ryan Rozicki

Oscar Rivas’ lone loss happened versus a taller fighter with a much longer reach. Not only that, but Dillan Whyte uses his jab well. 

Ryan Rozicki doesn’t have the same kind of jab that Whyte does. The problem Rozicki faces on Friday night is that his high-guard style will leave him prone to uppercuts and body blows. Rivas has a great straight right that he throws effectively to both the head and the body.

Unless Rivas hasn’t gained the weight back he lost to make the fight, he should easily handle Rozicki. The underdog will have major problems preventing Rivas’ thunderous blows to the body. 

Boxing Pick: Oscar Rivas  

WBO Junior Lightweight Title: Jamel Herring vs. Shakur Stevenson

Why bet on Jamel Herring to beat Shakur Stevenson?

Herring hasn’t lost since 2017. He’s a smart boxer, one who understands that you can’t knockout every opponent you face.

So far, Herring’s style has worked. He’s won 23 and lost just 2 with only 11 of his victories coming via knockout. Herring is a boxer, which means he’s not going to take chances to close the distance and land power punches.

On Saturday night, Herring’s style could frustrate Shakur Stevenson. If it does, the challenger might make a mistake that opens the door for the champ to take advantage. 

Why bet on Shakur Stevenson to beat Jamel Herring?

The 24-year-old former featherweight champion is undefeated with 16 wins. Stevenson has won 8 of his fights via KO or TKO. 

Like Herring, Stevenson is a fantastic boxer. He’s got incredible speed, moves exceptionally well, and lands with force. Shakur is very good at winning angles, which is something he must do on Saturday night to get to the taller and more experienced Herring.

Final Betting Analysis: Jamel Herring versus Shakur Stevenson

The odds suggest Stevenson is a lock. That may not be the case. Shakur goes up in class, which means he’ll enter the ring the much lighter fighter.

Not only that, but Herring is 3 inches taller and has a 4-inch reach advantage. If Stevenson is slower at the higher weight than what he was at 126, he could be in for a long night. 

Herring doesn’t take chances. The champ will force Stevenson to push forward. Herring will then counter what Stevenson throws. 

The challenger is a good enough boxer to keep this close. But Stevenson doesn’t have one punch knockout power and few boxers in the division have landed on Herring with consistency. The odds make Herring an overlay. 

Boxing Pick: Jamel Herring


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