94th Academy Awards Best Director Nominations Betting Predictions

94th Academy Awards Best Director Nominations Betting Predictions

One of the most popular Oscar categories, Best Director, used to go hand in hand with Best Picture. Not anymore. The person who wins Best Director doesn’t always win the award for the film that takes Best Picture. This year, two of the favorites to win best director worked on movies that should grab nominations for Best Picture. So there’s a chance that the Best Director and Best Picture reverts back to the old trend. Check out prediction information for the Academy Award for Best Director so you can keep planning your bets against the Academy Award odds.

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2022 Academy Awards Oscar Nominations

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022

Early indications are Belfast director Kenneth Branagh and The Power of the Dog director Jane Campion are locks

This could be Kenneth Branagh’s year. Belfast, the English auter’s black and white filmed coming of age story, released in the U.S. on Nov. 12. The movie made an incredible $3,111 per venue in it’s opening weekend, which is one of the best profits for an indie film this year.

Audiences at multiple film festivals fell in love with Belfast. Branagh has received five Academy Award nominations. He has yet to win a single one. It’s almost a given that Belfast grabs Branagh his sixth nom. 

Jan Campion appears to be another lock. Campion received a Best Director nomination for The Piano. She won the golden statue for Best Original Screenplay for the the movie.

The Power of the Dog is Campion’s first feature length film in a decade. She is likely to grab a nomination for sure because the movie includes heavyweight talent like Benedict Cumberbatch and Jess Plemons.  

Dennis Villeneuve, Reinaldo Marcus Greene, and Paul Thomas Anderson have gotten buzz to secure Best Director noms

Villenueve directed Dune, which, amazingly, is a really good film. We write amazingly becuase if you’ve ever read the Frank Herbert novel, you’d probably agree that creating a movie from the novel that made sense is close to impossible. Sadly, though,Villenueve likely gets left off the Best Director list.  

Reinaldo Marcus Green’s movie, King Richard, is one of the feel-good films of the year. Green crafts a terrific story, but many voters could see the film as little more than a Will Smith vehicle. It’s a shame, but the prediction is that’s what happens.

Paul Thomas Anderson could also get shut out. Most everyone agrees Anderson is one of the best directors on the planet, maybe, one of the most skilled in history. 

But PT is up against a bevy of strong candidates this year. His film, Licorice Pizza, could be one of his beset and he’d still miss out on a nomination. 

Aaron Sorkin for Being the Ricardos, Joel Cohen for The Tragedy of McBeth, and Steven Spielberg for West Side Story have a shot at nominations

If Anderson, Green, and Villenueve don’t grab nominations, there’s a good chance the directors filling in the final three spots will be Aaron Sorkin, Joel Cohen, and Steven Spielberg. 

Hollywood loves Joel Cohen. They mostly love him becuase he and his brother Ethan have never created a bad film. Think about it. Even Miller’s Crossing and Raising Arizona¸the brothers’ first two films, are brilliant. 

Aaron Sorkin is another Hollywood fave. Sorkin has the added benefit of directing a movie abvout Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. 

Steven Spielberg could get a nomination for West Side Story. As far as we know, ET’s dad has never made a musical. 

If Spielberg nails it, you know it’s going to be great. So keep the old dude in mind if odds come out before the Academy announces nominations.