Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 7 Odds, Preview and Picks

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 7 Odds, Preview and Picks

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 7 takes place this Saturday, August 10. The main event pits underdog Leonard Garcia against favorite Jim Alers. In addition to Alers-Garcia, Arnold Adams takes on Chase Sherman in a big heavyweight battle. Check out the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 7 odds, analysis, and free picks!

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 7 Odds, Preview and Picks

  • When: August 10 at 9:00pm ET
  • Where: Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS
  • TV: PPV
  • Live Stream:

Christine Ferea vs Helen Peralta

Ferea is a slight favorite over Peralta. Although Ferea moves well, Peralta is not without a shot here. Peralta has a lot of MMA experience. Ferea will likely dart in and out and hope to catch Peralta. If Helen keeps her wits about her, if she doesn’t push the pace too much and prevents a counter punch, she can pull off the upset.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Helen Peralta

Melvin Guillard vs Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Vallie-Flagg is a straight MMA guy. He and Guillard are friends, but don’t expect Melvin to lay off him in this fight. Melvin Guillard has exceptional boxing skills and power. That’s what you need in bare knuckle fighting. He’ll beat Vallie-Flagg, who’s true talent is taking things to the mat. You can’t do that in BKC.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Melvin Guillard

Juan Torres vs Dale Sopi

Sopi has a lot of power. He’s also got a talent that other bare knuckle fighters might want to emulate. Sopi likes to goad his opponents in, hold the back of the neck, and then throw uppercuts. He’s good at it. If Torres doesn’t keep aware of Sopi’s legal technique, Dale will take him out.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Dale Sopi

Bubba Malbrough vs Quintin Henry

Malbrough is favored, but Henry should make this one close. Henry has height, and really good boxing skills. His one fault, like so many converted MMA guys to BKFC, is that he tends to leave his hands down. He also has a wide-open stance because he’s used to kickboxing.

With that being written, Henry can use his boxing skills to keep Bubba at bay. He’s the pick to pull off the slight upset.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Quintin Henry

Arnold Adams vs Chase Sherman

Sherman is a big favorite over Arnold Adams. He probably should be based on fighting styles. Adams leaves his left down because he’s got so much confidence in it. Sherman is a more traditional boxer type, hands up, stalk his opponent, and wrap up when he gets into trouble. Those better boxing skills will lead Sherman to a victory on Saturday night.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Chase Sherman

Leonard Garcia vs Jim Aliers

Garcia’s got a really good ground game, which might be one of the reasons he’s a dog versus Jim Aliers. Aliers is the better stand up fighter. He’ll allow Garcia to put him in the clinch, free his hands, and then as the two break apart, expect Alers to throw a strong left hook or right cross.

That should put Garcia into a bad position in this fight. Aliers will use his more refined stand up to beat Garcia.

Bare Knuckle Betting Pick: Jim Aliers