5 Facts Every Bettor Needs to Know About Floyd Money Mayweather

5 Facts Every Bettor Needs to Know About Floyd “Money” Mayweather

Written by on July 5, 2017

With both, boxing and mixed martial arts fight fans waiting in anticipation for the August 26th  matchup between undefeated future Hall of Fame boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and reigning UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, there are a few key facts and stats that every boxing betting fan needs to know about the undefeated five-division boxing legend prior to their highly-anticipated showdown.These five fun-filled facts will help you identify some reasons why Floyd Mayweather Jr. will beat Conor McGregor when they meet in approximately eight weeks. Since haste makes waste, let’s rock and roll people!

Analyzing The 5 Facts & Stats Every Bettor Needs to Know About Floyd “Money” Mayweather


Power Outage

Mayweather hasn’t knocked anyone out since I used to ride the horse and buggy to school with Abe Lincoln, way, way, way back in the day. All jokes aside, the last time Mayweather Jr. actually finished off an opponent without the bout going the distance was back in 2011 when he beat Victor Ortiz (who?) via a fourth round KO.Each of Mayweather’s last seven bouts have been decided via decision with two of those bouts, including his 2013 meeting against Canelo Alvarez, being majority outcomes and not unanimous decisions. In his career, Mayweather Jr. has recorded 26 KO wins and 23 decision victories.

Okay… Floyd Mayweather is Experienced

While Floyd Mayweather Jr. never fought me or ‘Honest Abe’ when we were in out respective primes, the fact of the matter is that he’s fought just about everyone else not named Methuselah. Just to run down some of the more famous fighters he’s beaten, the list includes, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya (split decision), Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao.

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Of course, Mayweather Jr. has also beaten up on some no name fighters like Miguel Melo (I think he’s the cousin of either Fab Melo or Carmelo Anthony), Larry O’Shields and the world-renowned Bobby Giepert. All jokes aside, Mayweather Jr. has been in a ton of fights against both, journeymen and elite opponents and he’s managed to win every time. As I’ve already stated, there isn’t a thing that Conor McGregor can do to Floyd Mayweather Jr., short of kicking him in the gonads, which the undefeated champion hasn’t encountered in the squared circle.

Defense Wins Championships

While sports fans everywhere know that defense wins championships in team sports like basketball and football, that’s certainly also been the case for Floyd Mayweather Jr. in boxing as well. While a lot of old-time boxing fans like me love the sport that was once decisively decided by resounding whippings, TKOs or old-fashioned KO’s.  The fact of the matter is that, in today’s times a boxer can pick up a victory just as easily by ‘outscoring’ his opponent than by actually beating his ‘A double squiggle.’Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made an art form out of playing defense and avoiding both, potential knockout shots or any lengthy exchanges that could invite trouble. Whether you like Mayweather’s penchant for avoiding trouble or not, there’s no denying that he’s arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all-time.There are athletes that have supreme belief in themselves and then there is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He’s Arrogant

There are athletes that have supreme belief in themselves and then there is Floyd Mayweather Jr. The five-division world champion has gone on record countless times to brag about being the greatest fighter of all-time. Now, while you’d be hard-pressed to find a fighter of any era say they are better than either Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson, Mayweather Jr. has done so several times. Whether you believe his claims or not (hell no) the important thing to remember is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. believes it.

Mayweather vs. McGregor Odds & Props

Favorite to Win the Fight

  • Conor McGregor: +515
  • Floyd Mayweather: -735

How Many PPV Buys Will Mayweather vs. McGregor Have?

  • Over 4.99 Million: -130
  • Under 4.99 Million: -110

Will Mayweather and McGregor Have a Second Fight?

  • During 2018 – Yes: +280
  • During 2018 – No: -480

Will Mayweather and McGregor Have a Rematch?

  • In The Octagon By 2018 – Yes: +900
  • In The Octagon By 2018 – No: -5000

Will Either Corner Throw In The Towel?

  • Yes: +353
  • No: -585

Will Either Fighter Be Warned For a Low Blow?

  • Yes: +140
  • No: -190

Will McGregor Kick Mayweather During the Fight?

  • Yes: +600
  • No: -1200

Will Either Fighter Have Points Deducted By Referee?

  • Yes: +210
  • No: -320

Mayweather vs. McGregor Final Results Odds

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr By Ko, TKO Or DQ: -150
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr By Decision: +120
  • Conor Mcgregor By KO, TKO Or DQ: +500
  • Conor Mcgregor By Decision: +3300
  • Draw: +2800

He’ll Be Rusty

Mayweather Jr. hasn’t been in the ring in two years since he beat Andre Berto via unanimous decision in September of 2015, so he could be rusty early on against Conor McGregor. However, the more likely scenario is that Mayweather Jr. ha had more than his share of serious sparring sessions as he goes all out to embarrass McGregor and keep his perfect 49-0 record intact.
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