5 Ways Roy Jones Jr. Blows It On November 28th

5 Ways Roy Jones Jr. Blows It On November 28th

Written by on November 6, 2020

When Roy Jones Jr. enters the ring to fight Mike Tyson on November 28, it will have been over 2 years since Superman had entered the ring competitively. That’s a long time for a fighter to sit on the bench. It’s especially worrisome for Jones because he’s 51-years-old and faces a boxer in Tyson who appears to have the same ferocity he had when he was in his twenties. Still, Jones has a shot to beat Iron Mike on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Check out five ways Jones could blow that chance. That being said, let’s jump right into action so you can keep planning your bets against our Mike Tyson Odds for the rapidly approaching fight.

The 5 Ways Jones Jr. Can Blow it Versus Iron Mike Tyson on Nov. 28

  1. Doesn’t respect Mike’s power

This is the most obvious, but that doesn’t mean we mustn’t say it. If Roy doesn’t respect Mike’s devastating power, the fight could be over before it begin. Sure, Tyson versus Jones is supposed to be an exhibition bout, but Iron Mike only knows how to fight with intensity and bad intentions. He’s said as much in interviews. Those who don’t respect Tyson’s power, like Mitch Green in the 1980’s, end up losing something more than just a fight. In Mitch’s case, he lost a piece of his tongue after he stuck it out one too many times and Tyson landed a ridiculous uppercut.

  1. Tries to wrap up too soon

Wrapping up Mike Tyson is the best way to keep him from landing one of his signature knockout punches. Roy can’t try to wrap up too soon, though. Wrapping up requires opening your arms and hugging your opponent. If Roy tries to wrap up and Mike isn’t close enough, Tyson can land the left hook, uppercut, you name it because Roy’s arms will be far from his body.  Jones Jr. won’t stop a single one of those punches from landing on his jaw.

  1. Tries to use his speed as if he were the 24-year-old version of Superman

Jones Jr. was so ridiculously fast and had such body control that in his hey day he got away with doing everything wrong and he still won fights. He didn’t just win fights; he made his opponents look silly. That’s how incredible Jones was. In a lot of ways, he revolutionized the sport. But Roy isn’t in his twenties anymore. He’s north of fifty, which means he must fight a more traditional way, using the jab, not dipping forward and then moving backward, not moving back in a straight line, etc., if he hopes to beat Mike Tyson.

  1. Forgets to keep his distance

The young Roy Jones Jr. could dip inside, throw one to three punches, and get out of danger’s reach in the blink of an eye. If Superman tries that against Tyson, this will be a short fight.

  1. Doesn’t step to side before throwing a punch

Roy cannot move forward in a straight line towards Mike. He must fight Tyson and win angles. Since Iron Mike will try to do the same thing, win angles before throwing punches, this could be the one thing that determines the winner of the fight.

If we look closely at most boxing matches, the fighter that wins angles, the most spots on the floor to throw his or her best punches, is often the boxer that comes out on top. Roy Jones Jr. versus Mike Tyson on November 28 could hinge on which fighter wins the most angles and gets their punches off after winning those angles.

Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr. – Frontline Battle Stats


Mike Tyson
Roy Jones Jr.
Nickname Iron Mike Captain Hook
Hometown New York City, New York, U.S. Pensacola, Florida, U.S.
Pre-fight record 50–6 (44 KOs) 66–9 (47 KOs)
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Style Orthodox Orthodox
Recognition Former undisputed heavyweight champion Former IBF middleweight, IBF super middleweight, undisputed light heavyweight, and WBA heavyweight champion
Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr.

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