Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – September 3 Edition

Top Boxing Betting Picks of Week – September 3 Ed.

Written by on September 3, 2018

On Sep. 8, Amir Khan returns to the ring while Shawn Porter throws down with Danny Garcia. Check out analysis and the week’s top boxing betting picks for those fights as well as Tim Tszyu vs Marcus Jesus Cornejo and Adam Kownacki vs Charles Martin.

Top Boxing Betting Picks of the Week – September 3 Edition

Saturday, Sep 8

Andrew Maloney -385 vs Luis Concepcion +275

17-0 Andrew Moloney puts his combinations together well. He doesn’t just fly in for the kill shot each and every time. He uses his jab to get inside, but he can be flat-footed. That might open the door for Luis Concepcion to pull off the upset. Concepcion has a 37-6 record. Only 2 of his losses were via KO. Although Maloney has more power than Concepcion at this point in Concepcion’s career, Luis is lighter on his feet. He’ll manage to keep Maloney off his game in the early rounds. If the more experienced fighter has enough gas in the later rounds, he could pull off the upset. Boxing Betting Pick: Luis Concepcion

Tim Tszyu -1667 vs Marcus Jesus Cornejo +750

Australian fighter Tim Tszyu is 10-0. He’s a decent fighter. We won’t know how good he is after Saturday’s battle because Marcus Jesus Cornejo, although experienced, shouldn’t last long against Tszyu. The Argentinian Cornejo is 19-3. He’s also 37-years-old. He’s lost both his bouts this year. Cornejo doesn’t figure to put up too much of a fight in this. He’ll go down within the first few rounds.

Boxing Betting Pick: Tim Tszyu

Adam Kownacki -135 vs Charles Martin +100

Adam Kownacki versus Charles Martin is the second most competitive boxing match on Saturday after Danny Garcia versus Shawn Porter. At 17-0, Kownacki is undefeated. He’s won his last 4 fights via KO. Martin also likes to lay the lumber. He has more movement than Kownacki, though. He also appears slightly faster. Martin bounced back with two big wins after Anthony Joshua, one of the top two highest-rated heavyweights on the planet, knocked him out. He’s got the edge in this fight with Kownacki.

Boxing Betting Pick: Charles Martin

Amir Khan -4300 vs Samuel Vargas +1465

32-4 Amir Khan looked great in his comeback win over Phil Lo Greco. Samuel Vargas presents a step up. Vargas has that awful Floyd defense where he keeps his left down and tries to roll with punches instead of blocking punches. Floyd did that with success throughout his career because, well, he’s Floyd. Vargas isn’t Floyd. Khan should dominate Samuel Vargas on Saturday. One thing to note is how big Khan looks in the ring. He appeared massive in his fight with Lo Greco.

Boxing Betting Pick: Amir Khan

Danny Garcia -160 vs Shawn Porter +135

Shawn Porter is a mix it up fighter and if he mixes it up with Danny Garcia, Garcia could lose. But, Garcia looked great in his last fight versus Brandon Rios. Every time Rios came forward, Garcia sides-stepped, planted his feet, and landed jabs that set up his other punches. Porter is better than Rios. He’s not so much better that Garcia won’t make him pay for his over aggressiveness. Boxing Betting Pick: Shawn Porter