How Can Floyd Mayweather Beat Conor McGregor in his Next Fight?

Written by on June 23, 2017

It can’t happen, can it? Will undefeated five-division and future hall of Fame champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. suffer his first career defeat against reigning UFC welterweight champion and mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor when the pair hook up for their highly-anticipated boxing match on August 26th? The boxing odds say that Floyd Mayweather is a virtual ‘lock’ to take down the inexperienced McGregor even though plenty of money is apparently being bet on the MMA superstar to pull off the impossible. Still, I’ve got a trio of great reasons why you should back the undefeated Mayweather to keep his perfect record intact by dispatching the trash-talking McGregor. Here is a look at some of the more interesting odds surrounding the mega-fight along with my three reasons why Mayweather will send McGregor packing.

How Can Floyd Mayweather Beat Conor McGregor?

Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Odds

Conor McGregor +515 Floyd Mayweather -735

No. 1 He’s Got the Edge in Experience

While McGregor may be a brash-talking, superstar in mixed martial arts, when it comes to boxing, there may not be a fighter on the face of the planet that knows more about the sport of boxing than undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even though I’m not the biggest Mayweather fan around and I believe his claims of being the greatest boxer ever are silly and foolish, the fact of the matter is that Mayweather has dispatched some of the biggest names in boxing in dispatching the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao among others. Mayweather has faced slick boxers and hard-punching brawlers and he has overcome every opponent he has ever faced. In essence, there isn’t a thing that Conor McGregor can do to Mayweather, short of kicking him that the undefeated champion hasn’t encountered and that’s one of the reasons why he’ll beat Conor McGregor.

Result Boxing Odds

Floyd Mayweather Jr By KO, TKO Or DQ -150 Floyd Mayweather Jr By Decision +120 Conor McGregor By KO, TKO Or DQ +500 Conor McGregor By Decision +3300 Draw +2800 Analysis: In case you didn’t know before, now you do! You can place a wager on the result of this huge fight, whether you like Mayweather by KO or TKO at -150 or McGregor via decision at a whopping +3300, and big lines definitely mean big differences in payouts for this matchup. Conor McGregor heads into the megafight as the underdog against Floyd Mayweather.

No. 2 He’s One of the Greatest Defensive Boxers Ever!

While no one really likes to see Floyd Mayweather ‘stick and move’ throughout his bouts and would love to see him actually get into some real exchanges, the fact of the matter is that the future Hall of Famer is arguably the greatest defensive fighter of all-time. Mayweather has made a living by hitting his opponents in bunches – and not getting hit back – even if it does make for a bunch of boring fights. In addition, for ‘old school’ boxing odds enthusiasts like myself say Mayweather ‘runs’ from his opponent half of his fights, the undefeated champion’s strategy of building up a lead on points and then avoiding any real exchanges where he could get in trouble, has worked flawlessly for him, even if there is now a nation full of boxing fans who hate this style of fighting. Whether you enjoy Mayweather’s tactics or not, the bottom line is that it’s going to be extremely difficult for Conor McGregor to find an opening against Floyd Mayweather’s defense and that’s another reasons why Mayweather will win this bout.

Round Betting

Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 5 +1100 Floyd Mayweather Jr Decision Or Technical Decision +120 Conor McGregor Round 1 +3300 Conor McGregor Round 11 +6500 Conor McGregor Round 12 +6500 Analysis: If by any chance you didn’t know, you can also place a wager on which round this fight will end in. For instance, if you like Mayweather to win in the fifth round, you could bag a cool +1100. If you like the undefeated champ to win via decision, then you could win a solid +120. Conversely, if you like McGregor to win via a stunning first round KO or TKO, then you could take home a whopping +3300 of if you like the UFC star to win in the 11th or 12th round, you could take home a jaw-dropping +6500.

No. 3 Perfection at Stake

My third and final reason why Floyd Mayweather will beat Conor McGregor is that he’s got his perfect 49-0 record and history riding on the line. There’s no way that Floyd Mayweather will see his unblemished record stained, particularly against a guy that isn’t a boxer first and foremost. A loss to Conor McGregor in this fight would sully Mayweather’s once pristine record and ruin his belief that he alone is the greatest boxer of all-time. Mayweather is looking to surpass Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record in this bout to become the first boxer ever to win 50 fights without a loss and that’s some history that Mayweather simply won’t let slip by.