Canelo Alvarez Vs Caleb Plant Boxing Betting Analysis: Plant's Path to Win the Bout

Canelo Alvarez Vs Caleb Plant Boxing Betting Analysis: Plant’s Path to Win the Bout

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant throw down on November 6 in a super middleweight unification bout. Although the closer we get to the fight the more money lands on Canelo, we shouldn’t just write off Plant. Caleb is an undefeated fighter who has gotten better with every subsequent bout. No doubt, though, Alvarez is the best fighter Plant has ever faced. If Caleb Plant wants to unseat the pound-for-pound king, he’ll have do specific things before and during the fight. Check out our Boxing Betting analysis for Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant fight where we take a look at Plant’s Keys to Victory.

Caleb Plant’s Keys to Victory Against Canelo Alvarez | Boxing Lines & Analysis

Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant Fight Odds and Info

  • When: Nov. 6, 2021
  • Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, NV

Caleb must build stamina

Plant tends to start out fast and then coast in the later rounds. When he takes on guys like Caleb Traux and Jose Uzcategui, that’s not an issue because those boxers don’t have the skills that Plant has. 

Plant won’t be able to build a big lead on the scorecards and then coast against Canelo. He must build his stamina in the next few weeks so that once he gets to round eight, he doesn’t start to slow.   

Plant must be aware of Canelo’s goading

The greatest boxers in history goad their opponents into making mistakes. Canelo Alvarez is one of the best at doing this. When Canelo faces an opponent who makes mistake without goading, he dominates.

So what Plant must first do is not make a mistake. Then, he mustn’t pay attention to the small things Canelo will show that goad Plant into making a mistake. Versus Alvarez, a single mistake could lead a knockout loss. 

So it’s extremely important that Caleb keeps his mind on boxing and doesn’t fall for Canelo’s tricks. 

Plant must double jab and jab off his base

In most of his fights, Caleb throws a single jab and he throws standing straight up. This will do him no good versus Canelo because a) a single jab won’t force Alvarez to change anything he’s doing and b) throwing a jab in a straight line doesn’t set up a right.

To beat Alvarez, Plant must go back to basics. He should throw double or triple jabs every time. Double jabs keeps your opponent thinking about the jab. Triple jabs keeps your opponent thinking even more about your jab.

If Plant throws his jabs off his base, meaning he shifts his weight from his left to his right, he can naturally follow up the double or triple jabs with a right to Canelo’s body, an uppercut to Alvarez’s chin, or a right cross to Canelo’s chest or face. 

If Caleb doesn’t counter punch, it’s over

Like so many Mexican boxers who grew up watching the great Julio Cesar Chavez, Canelo Alvarez is an expert counter puncher. To counter a great counter puncher, all you must do is wait for the counter puncher to make the first move.

Boxing is about knowing when to be aggressive and when to lay off. Canelo spends the first few rounds letting his opponent get comfortable. Then, Canelo starts to counter everything his opponent throws. 

Caleb can stop this from happening by forcing Canelo to throw punches early. He does this by double and triple jabbing and getting on his bicycle. Forcing Canelo to chase him around the ring should lead to counter punch opportunities.

Even if Caleb Plant does everything on this list, he’ll have a tough time beating Canelo Alvarez. That’s because Caleb faces the best boxer on the planet. If Caleb does the things listed here, at least he’ll have a shot pull off one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.


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