Possible Celebrity Future Fights and Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Boxing Betting Update

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Boxing Odds Update

Celebrity boxing continues to grab combat sports fans’ attention. So much so that even though Jake Paul is set to battle former UFC middleweight champ Tyron Woodley on August 29, MyBookie has set Boxing odds for three other possible JP fights this year. Check out odds on Jake versus Joe Fournier, Dillon Danis, and Daniel Cormier. We also provide a pick for the Woodley versus Paul match right now, more than twenty days before the bout, and make a way too early pick for Oscar De La Hoya versus Vitor Belfort.  

Celebrity Boxing Future Events


  • Fight must happen in 2021 for action

Jake Paul -190 Vs Joe Fournier +145

Fournier versus Jake would be a very good fight. Logan against Fournier would also be something to watch. Like Jake Paul, Joe Fournier became a boxer after becoming rich. Fournier owned a fitness business, then became a nightclub owner, and then became a boxer. He’s got a 9-0 record and doesn’t need the money, which means he’ll train hard to beat JP. But Jake is much younger. So, Paul gets the nod. 

Boxing Pick: Jake Paul  

Jake Paul -170 Vs Dillon Danis +130

Dillon Danis is one of those mixed-martial-arts fighters that Jake seems to love to battle. Danis is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master, which means his claim to fame, like Ben Askren, isn’t his striking ability. Danis can strike, and he’s more of an athlete than Askren, but after fighting Woodley, Danis is sort of a step down. This bout has zero chance of happening. If it does, JP wins. 

Boxing Pick: Jake Paul  

Jake Paul +110 Vs Daniel Cormier -140

If you dislike Jake Paul, and there are a lot of you out there, pray for this fight to happen. Paul has excellent boxing skills. Cormier is one of the best wrestlers and strikers in MMA history. He’d be incredibly difficult to beat because Daniel also has a rock for a chin. Cormier all the way. 

Boxing Pick: Daniel Cormier  

Tyron Woodley +130 Vs Jake Paul -160

  • When: Saturday, Aug. 29

A couple of weeks ago, Woodley and Paul were both at -120. What happened? Who knows? Someone laid a grip on JP. So even though we haven’t decided who will win the fight, we’re going with Woodley in this blog. Why? Woodley would have to show up with a broken arm to justify laying -160 on Jake. 

Boxing Pick:  Tyron Woodley

Vitor Belfort -120 Vs Oscar De La Hoya -120

  • When: Saturday, Sep. 18

Of all the celebrity boxing matches out there, Belfort versus De La Hoya feels like the closest to a true bout. Woodley versus Paul should be a good fight, but Oscar against Vitor could be a classic. 

Both guys are training lights out. De La Hoya looks faster. Belfort looks like a beast. Right now, if we had to choose, we’d go with Vitor. 

He’s training smart, the way he used to when getting ready for an MMA fight. His stance looks great and it’s obvious he still has power. He’s also four years younger than Oscar. 

Boxing Pick: Vitor Belfort


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