Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Early Analysis - Boxing Lines

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Early Analysis – Boxing Lines

Written by on December 11, 2020

This past week, one of the greatest boxers in history, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., said he’d step back into the ring to take on YouTube superstar Logan Paul. Logan has two fights on his record, a win and a loss to fellow celebrity KSI. 

Floyd, smelling a pay day, decided he’ll get it on with Paul early next year. Mayweather Jr. last fought in 2017 when he beat a game but outmatched Conor McGregor. Most have decried the match as a stunt, but we’re not going to let Logan or Floyd off that easy. Neither requires the dollars. So, why are they fighting?

Both could be motivated to take it to the other. Keep reading to find out why Pretty Boy Floyd said he’s getting back into the ring versus Logan Paul so you can start preparing your bets and place them against their Boxing odds.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Signs to Fight Logan Paul

Why is Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul?

Shortly after Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, destroyed Nate Robinson on the Tyson vs. Jones Jr. undercard, boxing luminaries like Antonio Tarver took to Twitter to decry Jake’s showmanship. Robinson had never boxed before and Paul showed no mercy, knocking out the former NBA player.

Floyd tweeted on November 19 that he would dominate an amateur like Logan Paul who, to paraphrase, was giving boxing a bad name. After the fight, and after Tarver’s comments, Mayweather Jr. must have decided that it was time to destroy one of the Paul brothers, Logan got the call, and send them both back to YouTube.

Why is Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

That’s obvious, right? Floyd wants money and to help boxing regain some respectability. Logan Paul wants to show that he can hang with arguably the greatest boxer of all time. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 50-0. 

The best in the business couldn’t beat him and although many said he waited to fight Manny Pacquiao, and that’s true, he also beat a young Canelo Alvarez. So, Floyd put in his time.

If Paul can just hang with Mayweather Jr., he doesn’t have to win the fight, he’ll get props from everyone on the planet, not just boxing fans. That, more than anything, could be the reason Logan wants to fight Floyd.

He insists he’s taking boxing seriously. If he can prove it by hanging with a fighter of Mayweather’s caliber, a hall of fame top five of all time fighter, Paul would prove it. He’d also get bigger paydays against other former boxers.

What’s at stake for both fighters?

If Mayweather loses to an amateur, slow, not even well-trained boxer like Logan Paul, forget it. His reputation is shot.

For Logan, the stakes are actually higher. There’s a chance Mayweather hurts him so badly he will never box again. This could be the swan song for Logan, whom many boxing fans feel have taken advantage of the sport because he’s got a name.

We mustn’t wait long to find out which man gets it done in the ring. The fight is scheduled for February 20. 


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