Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: Rundown on Ben's MMA Career

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: Rundown on Ben’s MMA Career

Written by on March 18, 2021

By now, every human being in the U.S. knows who the Paul brothers are. Jake Paul and Logan Paul were YouTube stars. In the past couple of years, they added professional boxer to the name-plates on their desks.

More people know who Jake Paul is than who Ben Askren is, which is why in our weekly JP versus Ben blog we’re going to provide info on Askren’s career. After reading, you may not be so gung-ho about backing Jake at -150. Let’s take a closer look at Ben’s MMA career so you can keep planning your bets against his Boxing odds.

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Fight Update – Boxing Lines

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Fight General Info

Askren is an accomplished wrestler

If you meet any college wrestling fan, they’ll know the name Ben Askren. During his junior year at the University of Missouri, Askren went 45-0. 

He also won the National Championship in wrestling not once, but twice. Askren won gold medals at the 2005 Pan-American Championships, the 2008 U.S. Nationals, and the 2009 World Championships.

Ben did compete in the 2008 Olympics. Fighting freestyle, as opposed folkstyle in college, Askren beat his first opponent, Hungary’s Istvan Vereb. But he lost his second bout to Cuba’s Ivan Fundora. 

When asked if the change in wrestling styles is why Askren, the heavy favorite, had lost Ben responded, “I just wasn’t good enough. I sucked.” 

Askren was a serious MMA fighter until the 5 second knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal

Before July 6, 2019, Ben Askren was a 19-0 with a no-decision undefeated mixed-martial-arts wrestler. He had won the Bellator and One Championship belts.

In his first UFC fight, Askren impressed, submitting well-regarded Robbie Lawlor in the first round. But his second bout, a fight against Jorge Masvidal, ended after five seconds. Ben fought one more time, losing via submission to UFC pro Demian Maia on October 26, 2019. 

Jake Paul said he’s spoken and worked with Jorge Masvidal to understand Askren’s weaknesses. It’s difficult to know what Paul got from Masvidal.

After repeated viewings of the five second shellacking, it’s obvious what happened. As Masvidal left his feet, Askren bent down to go for a takedown. Jorge’s knee hit Ben right in the head. The forced knocked out Askren.

What could JP have possibly gotten out of that? Flash knockouts happen all the time in MMA and boxing. 

Jake Paul must box and that’s where he could have some issues. Ben Askren, because he doesn’t know how to box very well, will fight as if he’s wrestling. The way Askren can use his body could give JP big problems.

Boxers aren’t just boxers. Askren won’t move forward without throwing punches and he won’t move forward without taking an angle. In next week’s blog, we’ll take a deeper dive into Askren’s strategy.


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