Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Boxing Betting Update: Paul First 4 Fights Recap

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Boxing Betting Update: Paul First 4 Fights Recap

In about three weeks, Jake Paul will throw down against Tommy Fury in the first fight where Paul won’t go off the favorite. So far, the younger of the Paul brothers has had an exciting, albeit strange, career. Paul is 4-0 after 4 bouts. In this blog, we take a look at each fight and discuss what Paul did well and what he didn’t do well so you can bet against the Boxing Lines. But before that, we talk about the latest drama surrounding the match. 

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Paul refuses to sign the drug testing clause

Jake Paul has refused to sign a drug testing clause in his contract with Tommy Fury. Per Tommy’s father, John, whether Paul signs the contract clause or not has no bearing on whether his son will fight.

Per the elder Fury, Tommy is going to make “more money” than he’s ever made before. Not only that, but John Fury looks at the non-signing from a realistic point-of-view. 

Per the older Fury, Jake Paul is going to do whatever “they’re going to do” whether they sign a no drug clause or not. So it doesn’t matter.

By not signing the drug clause, though, Paul does signal he may be on something. That’s not a good look for a young fighter hoping to continue a boxing career. 

Jake Paul’s boxing career so far

Check out a recap of Jake Paul’s first four fights. We don’t go into extreme detail. Instead, we point out the positives and the negatives. 

Fight #1 – Ends Ali Eson Gib’s night in the first-round

Gib didn’t train very hard for the fight, which is one of the reasons Paul was able to knock him backwards with a jab. But Jake showed more than just the ability to beat an overweight celebrity.

Jake displayed a decent jab even though he shot it over his foot. He also showed he’s got good power. 

Fight #2 – Knocks out former NBA star Nate Robinson in Round 2

Jake’s power was on full display. One thing to note is how Paul did a great job throwing the devastating right while moving backwards. 

Jake did a great job because he was fighting a basketball player. He didn’t do a great job in the sense that he moved backwards in a straight line. If he hadn’t landed the punch, things could have gone badly for JP. 

Fight #3 – Dominates former UFC Champion Ben Askren in the first-round

Ben Askren had no shot. Askren seemed to believe that because he was a “ real athlete” he didn’t have to train as hard and he could still beat Paul.

The problem? Jake Paul is a better athlete than Ben Askren. We learned nothing about Paul from this fight. One thing, though, Jake continued to cross his feet. Askren is terrible. So it didn’t hurt.  

Fight #4 – Goes toe-to-toe with Tyron Woodley and wins a split-decison after 8 rounds

Crossing his feet almost cost him versus Tyron Woodley, though. Woodley got to Paul and would have won the fight if he had been more aggressive, which is one of the reasons Jake Paul may never fight Tyron again.

Jake should rewatch the Woodley fight. Like Tyron, Tommy Furry will take advantage every time Paul crosses his feet. 

So what Jake should do is work on his balance, not moving backward in a straight line, he sort improved upon that in the Woodley fight, and use his jab. If he does those things, he’ll have a shot to beat the favorite.


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