Celebrity Boxing Betting: Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson Latest Wagering News

Celebrity Boxing Betting: Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson Latest Wagering News

Rumors continue to swirl that Iron Mike Tyson will throw down against YouTuber Logan Paul. Both men have said they’d agree to a fight. After Logan’s impressive performance versus Money Mayweather, and Tyson’s willingness to get back into the ring, it’s only a matter of time before details emerge regarding the early 2022 fight. Check out an update on fight negotiations and a prediction as to the particulars of the next big celebrity bout so you can plan your bets against the Boxing Lines

Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Boxing Lines – Updated Celebrity Betting Analysis

Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Odds

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Did Tyson’s ridiculous combinations during training scare Paul?

In a recent video the once most feared man on the planet delivered impressive combinations that, no doubt, would have flattened many of the heavyweights ranked in the top 10, much less a millennial celebrity.

The combinations were so ferocious that some have said Logan might decide to step away from boxing Mike Tyson. 

But Logan, always the self-promoter, isn’t likely to become scared by a training video. Paul is flying high after lasting 8 round with Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

From Logan’s perspective, Money is much faster than Iron Mike. Paul also believes that Tyson doesn’t have the lungs, the stamina, to throw those blistering fast combinations for a full 8 rounds.

Anyone who saw Iron Mike’s entertaining, but wholly unimpressive from a boxing standpoint celebrity match versus Roy Jones Jr., will find it hard to argue against Logan’s point.   

The fight is likely to be for 6 to 8 rounds and prohibit knockouts

In any case, the YouTube star will probably insist that knockouts in the celebrity match are prohibited. What good are Tyson’s combinations if he can’t throw them?

Although many would love to see Iron Mike destroy Logan Paul, prohibiting knockouts in celebrity fights makes a lot of sense. Tyson can knockout most human beings with his jab. 

A single combination could seriously hurt Paul. If the fight is an exhibition, there should be rules that protect both participants.

In addition, the match could end up going just 6 rounds. Tyson gassed early versus Roy Jones. Logan has better stamina, but he’s still an amateur boxer.  

If Logan is to “win” the bout, he must learn more defensive moves

Paul shouldn’t discount Tyson’s experience. Although he fought well agianst Floyd, Logan towers over the former welterweight. 

Tyson is a heavyweight, which means Paul must change tactics to impress viewers. One of the things he should immediately work on is learning more defensive moves. 

Plenty of times in the Mayweather fight, Logan reacted from a Mayweather jab by immediately moving backwards. That’s a huge problem. 

He should get off his base when moving backwards. Paul must also throw his long jab off his base to set up either a hook or a right cross. 

There are more things Paul can do to ensure he provides an excellent performance against Mike Tyson. For now, keep your eyes and ears open for any particulars that come out regarding the proposed celebrity match. 


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