Mike Tyson: Boxing History and Upcoming News for the Fight

Mike Tyson: Boxing History and Upcoming News for the Fight

Written by on August 14, 2020

Mike Tyson: Boxing History and Upcoming Fight

In the vast majority of professional sports, we begin to see athletes begin to decline once they hit their mid-thirties. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but for those who are able to contribute beyond that age, there is still limited playing time and the possibility of injuries being tougher to recover from with each passing year. By the time an athlete reaches their 50’s, their career is usually long since over.

What then are the chances that Mike Tyson can turn back time and return to the ring at the age of 54?

Over the past few months, Tyson has been posting videos of his workouts and sparring sessions to his social media accounts. Rather than having boxing fans laughing at his efforts, his feeds have blown up with people demanding that he make a return. That will happen on November 28, when Tyson steps back into the ring to face 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. MyBookie will soon have the Mike Tyson Odds for the fight.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look back at Tyson’s career.

Mike Tyson Boxing Career

Most boxing fans can clearly remember the fist time they saw Tyson step into the ring. The black shorts, black shoes, and the look of a man intent on doing damage left an indelible image that we all still clearly remember to this day. The way in which he mercilessly disposed of opponents let us all know that he was on a meteoric rise to the top.

By the time Tyson turned 20, he had spread amassed 27 win in the heavyweight division. Giving him a WBC Title shot against Trevor Berbick was a no-brainer, and he made the most of it, winning by a TKO in the second round and becoming the youngest every Heavyweight Champion, a record that still stands today. From that point forward, Tyson was unstoppable, adding the WBA and IBF titles to his trophy case along the way. He was 37-0 and looking set for another easy win on February 11, 1990, but he was inexplicably knocked out by Buster Douglas, losing all his belts in the process.

Despite some issues outside the ring, Tyson was able to bounce back, beating Frank Bruno in 1996 to win back the WBC Title, while also beating Frank Sheldon that same year to win the WBA Title. It was pretty much all downhill from there, with Tyson losing consecutive fights to Evander Holyfield, one of which was a DQ for biting. He did get another title shot in 2002, but he lost to Lennox Lewis. His career ended with back to back losses against much lesser opponents.

Mike Tyson Upcoming Fight

Assuming that it goes off as planned, the November 28 fight against Roy Jones Jr. will be the next step in a brilliant career for both men. That they are both in their 50’s does not seem to matter, as there is a genuine desire among fight fans to see this bout take place. In the videos that we mentioned earlier, Tyson looks mean, powerful, and hungry for a return to action. His beard may be grey, but if you look beyond that, you see a fighter that looks almost as intimidating as he was in his twenties.

Boxing News : Mike Tyson Upcoming Fight

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