CFL 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Betting Update, Top Games to Wager On Week 6

CFL 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Betting Update, Top Games to Wager On Week 6

Even with the shortest week of the CFL to date, there has been a major shift in the Grey Cup Odds. The favorite remains the same and continues to dominate. This week there is plenty of value to be found in the straggling teams. 

Top Week 6 Betting Games Games, Updated Odds to Win the Grey Cup | CFL Betting Analysis

TIER 1: The favorites

  • ​​Winnipeg Blue Bombers +225

The odds for the Bombers to run away with a repeat become more clear with team they beat. After a runaway victory over the hottest team in the CFl, it does not seem any team can contend with Winnipeg.

Zach Collaros had a near flawless game. Throwing for 288 yards and three touchdowns. The emergence of Dalton Schoen has been crucial as he has caught two scores and eclipsed over 100 yards receiving.

The defense is truly the best in the league and they have yet to be an offense competitive to beat it! 

  • BC Lions +350

Last week was the first time in the young season where we saw the Lions get outplayed. While they remain the team with the second best odds, they could perhaps continue to falter so be wary of their value.

Rourkemania still shined a little bit last week. He threw for over 250 yards and three scores. Yet he turned the ball over twice. They were unable to get James Butler going on the ground. Dominique Rhymes was the focal point of the air attack this week and could continue to shine.  

They were very sloppy defensively as they allowed 43 points but not all of them were the fault of the defense. They totaled one sack in the whole game which frankly cannot win you games. 

  • Calgary Stampeders +400

The Stampeders quite literally put their last opponent in a stampede. They have been very sharp and on the ball. They remain one of two unbeaten teams!

The breakout year Malik Henry is having is really helping out a struggling WR corps in Alberta. He has played four games thus far and has already eclipsed his PR in yards, receptions, targets, and touchdowns! His breakout start has made all the difference.

The Stampeders defense really made a large impact. Last week, they forced three turnovers and sacked the QB three times! There could be some as their odds will likely rise over BC soon enough!

TIER 2: Middle of the pack

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders +600

The next two matchups for the Roughriders are going to be very important if they look to boost their odds. After splitting games vs the Als, they look to dominate Toronto!

It cannot be overstated how great Cody Fajardo is. After he dominated Montreal two weeks ago, it seems increasingly hard to doubt this dynamic offense while he is at the helm! There is significant upside when your signal caller makes EVERYONE around him better!

The Regina Sack Party ‘22 will look to continue to strike fear in opponents! They continue to pile up on sacks and force opposing offenses to make mistakes. With a loss to Toronto, their odds may fall in the +700 range so don’t bet on them just yet!

  • Toronto Argonauts +800

The team out the Six is in for a rough go! There has been enough evidence to support the fact they could fall into the third tier of odds. They have one win and are first in the East.

This offense cannot score and it makes no sense. They have All-CFL running back Andrew Harris and former All-CFL WR Brandon Banks. This offense struggles to do just about anything. There is so much promise in this offense but through six weeks, they have shown little to no  progress.

Similar to a light switch, the Argo defense is either on lock allowing under 23 points or allows 40+ points dropped on their head. With minimal consistency, there is too much uncertainty to trust a Toronto sports team with your money.

  • Montreal Alouettes +1000

The Alouettes will continue to be the team with the most value. This team is by far the best in their division and with that comes a near guaranteed spot in the Grey Cup.

Their offense has many promising pieces. Many teams have one good QB but Montreal has two. They are unsure who will start this week but regardless of who it is, they will light it up with this electrifying offense. Players like Eugene Lewis or Reggie White, this offense could take a big leap!

The Alouettes defense is either dominating the opposition or allowing too many yards dropped on them. If this defense can hold, there could be some UNREAL value with Montreal sitting at +1000!  

TIER 3: Down but not out 

  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats +2000

The Tiger-Cats are doing far worse than any team would expect. Once within striking distance of Winnipeg, they have fallen into the lower tier of betting favorites. QB Dane Evans is leading the CFL in pass attempts but also is tied in the CFL for most interceptions. There is a good roster but they have yet to pull it together thus far.

  • Ottawa Redblacks +2000

Even with the addition of CFL INT leader Nick Arbuckle, there is no sign of a willingness to win thus far. Do not waste your money on a team with no upside. 

  • Edmonton Elks +5000

Save yourself sometimes and do not bet on Edmonton. They cannot find a spark and things are not exactly changing as a tough schedule lies ahead of them. 

Week 6 best bets

  • Edmonton Elks vs Montreal Alouettes (-7.5) 

There seems to be a confusion among odds makers. The Elk have been blown out in three of five games. The Elk offense is not competitive and the defense is sleeping half the game.

They go toe to toe against a high powered offense that can surely run them out of La Belle Province! It doesn’t matter who is under center for Montreal, their defense has proven they can force turnovers. The offense has success regardless of Vernon Adams or Trevor Harris.

This is a quality bet and that spread has massive potential to hit!

  • Toronto Argonauts vs Saskatchewan Roughriders (-3)

This game will be closer than anyone could have possibly anticipated. Regardless, this game was won by the Roughriders by one possession. 

The Argonauts have not been able to score. With the swarming pressure of Saskatchewan, they will have Bethel-Thompson wrapped before he can drop back to pass! The Roughrider offense is very dynamic and even with a strong Argos defense, it just ultimately seems improbable they can keep that high octane offense in check! 


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