3 Reasons to Bet Against Alabama in College Football Playoffs

2016 College Bowl Betting Guide

Written by on December 19, 2016

Whether you cashed in on this weekend’s opening slate of 2016 bowl games or not, the expert betting advice that you’re bout to get in this bowl game online sports betting guide will help you make the most out of your bowl game wagers over the remainder of the 2016 bowl game season.

2016 College Bowl Betting Guide

Betting On Nationally Ranked Teams

While a lot of college football bettors don’t believe the national rankings matter much when they’re making their game-day wagers, I believe that national rankings are a great representation of just how good many teams are – particularly during the bowl season. At this last juncture of the season, national rankings are a good barometer of just how good a specific team is and what the both, excel at and struggle to accomplish.

Desperation Factor

What I like to call the ‘desperation’ factor is one of my favorite and most trusted handicapping methods. Look or teams that may have underachieved a bit during the regular season or those that may have struggled down the stretch and desperately want to close out their respective seasons with a huge victory. Conversely, some teams may have won huge rivalry matchups just prior to the bowl season and could have far less motivation as opposed to their more hungry bowl game counterpart.

Upset Specials

Make sure you look for good teams that may have been upset in their regular season finales and have tons of motivation entering their season-ending bowl game matchup. Several ‘good’ teams that failed to win their respective conference championships will have more motivation than they have all season and identifying these teams can be a huge boost to the bowl game betting bankroll.

Senior Citizen Special!

There’s not a senior citizen alive that doesn’t love a great special geared toward them. Look for the most experienced teams you can find and those that want to send their seniors out in style. Motivation, when combined with experience, is an almost unbeatable combination!

Ba-Humbug Underdogs!

Some bowl game teams that are listed as underdogs shouldn’t be and many of these same teams will use their underdog status as even more motivation to tae down and dispatch their favored opponents. Look for teams that are hungry to prove they belong and have n eye toward the immediate future. Teams like the ones I’m describing will likely to go all-out in order to both, prove they’re better than everyone thought and to set the tone for next season.