Best Cricket Events to Bet On 2023: World Cup, The Ashes, T20 and More

Best Cricket Events to Bet On 2023: World Cup, The Ashes, T20 and More

The Cricket calendar isn’t filled with many major games with the year closing out. Fans and all stakeholders will be looking forward to the new year as it promises many exciting games that will keep us at the edge of our seats. We should know that the excitement will continue from the start of the year to the end. 

The year will bring us another Indian Premier League season, with Gujarat Titans hoping to defend their title and make it two. We know the competition will be fierce, but it would be worth following. Aside from that, we have the World Cup to anticipate, with different nations hoping to make it their year. 

The new year is packed with exciting games, and it will be one of the best years for Cricket fans and casual. We’ve highlighted some of the competitions we will follow throughout 2023 below so you can continue planning your bets against the Cricket Odds

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World Cup 2023

The ICC World Cup remains one of the most anticipated competitions for 2023. Once the tournament kicks off, we will be enjoying games for an entire month. India is ready to host the event, with ten nations ready to battle it for gold. We will follow 48 matches for this tournament until the winner is crowned. 

England will enter the competition as the defending champions, and we will look forward to how far they will go in the tournament. Also, we want to see if they can successfully defend their championship to make it two. 

The Ashes

England and Australia will also compete for a chance to become The Ashes champions. It is a five-series game with both sides hoping to win enough matches to become the winner. The competition will begin on the 16th of June and will finish on the 23rd. So, we’re here for another series of games. 

Australia remains the champions as they won the series 4-0. Despite being the World Cup champions, England couldn’t do well against Australia, losing the first three Test matches. Although they drew the fourth, the team lost the fifth Test, ending the series with a 4-0 defeat.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League will also return for another season in 2023. It would give teams in the country another chance to battle for the title. The Titans winning the trophy will be a perfect motivation for the other teams because it shows that motivation and discipline work. 

In that case, we are looking forward to an action-packed season with all the teams ready for action. You can enjoy a rundown of all 74 matches. 


The T20 series is also returning for 2023. The T20 World Cup is coming up in the new year. We will also get some incredible T20 actions with the incredible schedule set for 2023. We are ready to enjoy the excitement, and the good thing is that it will only improve because the competitions will feature the best teams.