2021 Golden Globe Awards TV Series Drama Picks

2021 Golden Globe Awards TV Series Drama Picks

Written by on February 17, 2021

The Feb. 28 Golden Globes will happen. Because we know for a fact that the Globes are on, we can make predictions about who will win. Last week, we studied the Top 3 categories, actress, actor, and best series for television musicals and comedies. This week, we handicap and make predictions for television drama series. Check out Golden Globe Awards odds, analysis, and free picks for the 2021 Golden Globe TV Series Drama categories. 

Entertainment News: 2021 Golden Globe TV Series Drama Picks

2021 Golden Globes

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 28 at 8:00 pm ET

Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama

  • Olivia Coleman (The Crown) -110
  • Emma Corrin (The Crown) +150
  • Laura Linney (Ozark) +350
  • Sarah Pualson (Ratched) +700
  • Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) +1000

Nobody can argue if Globe voters drop the statue into Olivia Coleman’s lap. The Queen, as always, was fantastic. But Olivia’s got some competition this year.

Laura Linney rocked it as Wendy Byrde, Marty’s better half, in the brilliant Ozark. Wendy made enough moves in season 3 to set up the Byrde’s as Navarro Cartel kingpin Omar Navarro’s top U.S. players. Amazing, right? Linney played Wendy perfectly. She even pulled off a Michael Corleone get your sibling killed moment with awesomeness.

But Linney won’t win the award. Neither will Sarah Paulson or Jodie Comer. Both were great but both played characters that give a lot back to their actresses.

Emma Corrin had to play one of the most beloved human beings in history without making her seem or feel like a victim. Corrin pulls off Diana like no one ever has or ever will again. She should win the award. The guess here is that she will win the award.

Golden Globe Pick: Emma Corrin

Best Actor in a TV Series – Drama

  • Matthew Rhys (Perry Mason) -200
  • Jason Bateman (Ozark) +250
  • Josh O’Connor (The Crown) +600
  • Al Pacino (Hunter) +800
  • Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) +1000

There are so many ways to go here. Who should win? We can make a case for all the nominations. Jason Bateman does passive-aggressive evil better than any actor in drug-dealing inspired drama history. He’s downright frightening as Marty Byrde.

Bob Odenkirk does fall down the rabbit-hole and become Walter White-lite as well as Bateman does his thing. But Odenkirk won’t win either. 

Pacino is awesome. And . . . he’s Pacino. Being Pacino is a double-edged sword. Don’t expect Being Pacino to lead to Golden Globe glory.

That leaves Josh O’Connor and Matthew Rhys. Both those dudes were fantastic. Of the two, the Globe goes to the chalk, Rhys. Why? 

Matthew Rhys should have won 4 to 5 Golden Globes when he played Philip on one of the best dramas of all time, The Americans. The fact he didn’t get one means he’s due. 

Golden Globe Pick: Matthew Rhys

Best Television Series – Drama

  • The Crown -400
  • Ozark +250
  • The Mandalorian +600
  • Ratched +1200
  • Lovecraft Country +1500

The Crown is a lock, right? Probably. We’re still backing one of the underdogs.

Ozark deserves every award for which it’s nominated. But season 4 has yet to land. Our feeling is Globe voters reward Ozark for season 4, which means it doesn’t take the statue on Feb. 28.

We love both Ratched and Lovecraft Country. Neither is in a position to win. The Mandalorian is. Who doesn’t love The Mandalorian? Baby Yoda? Mando? An appearance by Luke Skywalker this season?

Sure, historical dramas take the cake but in the Year of COVID why not support the one nominated drama that made us all feel that, yep, everything will be okay. Don’t be surprised if Jon Favreau and the rest of The Mandalorian team takes home the Globe.

Golden Globe Pick: The Mandalorian