Entertainment Betting News: Friends Reunion Show Props Odds

Entertainment Betting News: Friends Reunion Show Props Odds

Written by on May 25, 2021

After years, the most anticipated television show reunion in history takes place when the cast of Friends reunite for the first time since the beloved show’s final episode. The Friends Reunion happens on Wednesday, May 26. Check out current betting options for HBO Max’s huge Friends – The Reunion event. Let’s get right to it so you can bet against their Entertainment odds.

Friends Reunion Show Prop Options

Friends Reunion Show

  • When: Wednesday, May 26
  • TV / Streaming: HBO Max

Who will say, “We were on a break” first?

  • Jennifer Aniston -200
  • David Schwimmer +150

Jennifer Aniston is the chalk. Maybe, Aniston is the favorite over David Schwimmer because she became the most famous thespian of the group. But let’s not kid ourselves, “We were on a break” is Ross Geller’s line. Jennifer Aniston played Rachel to Schwimmer’s Ross. We’re willing to back the underdog to mention four of Ross’s, not Rachel’s, most famous words. 

Friends – The Reunion Pick: David Schwimmer 

Will Matt LeBlanc say, “How You doin?”

  • Yes -600
  • No +300

“How you doin?” has become one of the most famous lines in television history. Nowadays, saying “doing” without the “g” is close to the proper way. Will Matt LeBlanc say it during the reunion? Well, yeah, of course he will. Why wouldn’t he? Sure, the odds are terrible, but this is Entertainment, not an NFL game.  

Friends – The Reunion Pick: Yes  

Will M Perry Light Up a Cigarette During the Reunion?

  • Yes +550
  • No -1000

We’d love to say “yes” because, wow, those are nice odds, but we can’t. Already, rumors are swirling that Matthew Perry is a mess in the reunion show. The faux news channels won’t let it go. “Did you here Chandler slurring his words in the trailer? There’s something obviously wrong with the guy!” Perry won’t light up a cigarette. Also, he’ll enunciate just fine. 

Friends – The Reunion Pick: No 

Will L. Kudrow Sing “Smelly Cat” Live At the Reunion?

  • Yes +1100
  • No -3000

Underdogs have hope with this prop. Lis Kudrow graduated from Vassar College, one of the best in the United States, with a degree in biology. She worked with her father, a world renowned headache specialist. Lisa Kudrow has been researching headaches since leaving the show. So . . . of course she’s singing Smelly Cat. 

Friends – The Reunion Pick: Yes 

Will P. Rudd Make An Appearance at the Reunion Show?

  • Yes +1100
  • No -3000

Rudd had a recurring role on the show opposite Lisa Kudrow. He’s one of the most well-known actors in the world and should make an appearance. Big issue with that. The Friends Reunion is on HBO Max. What else is on HBO Max? The Justice League, Wonder Woman movies, Superman movies, etc. Rudd is Ant Man. He exists in an entirely different world, the one Disney helped Marvel Comics create to the tune of billions of dollars. HBO Max shows DC movies. No way HBO Max gives air time to a Marvel character.

Friends – The Reunion Pick: No