Entertainment Betting News: The Bachelorette Props Odds

Entertainment Betting News: The Bachelorette Props Odds

Written by on June 1, 2021

Everyone’s favorite train wreck of a show, The Bachelorette, returns to ABC on Monday, June 7. This year’s bachelorette is Katie Thurston. Katie is ready to look for love, which should lead to an interesting season. Check out prop options for The Bachelorette so you can start planning your bets against their Entertainment odds

The Bachelorette Prop Options Worth Betting

The Bachelorette

  • First Episode: Monday, June 7 at 8:00pm ET
  • TV / Streaming: ABC

The Bachelorette Prop Bets

# Of Men On Night One Say They Hope To Find A Wife

  • Over 4.5 -120 / Under 4.5 -120

A lot of the male contestants are in their thirties. The older they are, the more likely they are to say they want to get hitched. We’re going over. 

The Bachelorette Pick: Over 

Will Katie Kiss More than One Man on Night One? 

  • Yes +120 / No -160

Yes. There are too many dudes, 30, for Katie not to kiss at least a couple of them. She doesn’t have to frog-k any of them. Just a couple of simple, sweet, Disney Princess kisses will do, which would make sense because Disney owns ABC.  

The Bachelorette Pick: Yes 

Any Of The Men Get In Verbal / Physical Altercation?

  • Yes -200 / No +140

Come on, really? That’s a question? Put 30 dudes into a room vying for the same woman. See what happens. Do it. We dare you.

The Bachelorette Pick: Yes 

Kate Send Anyone Home Before the Rose Ceremony?

  • Yes -200 / No +140

For sure. Of the 30 dudes, at least 3, maybe 4, should see the door before the rose ceremony. 

The Bachelorette Pick: Yes 

One Of The Men Reveals An Overly Personal Secret

  • Yes -300 / No +200

Okay, so, we looked at every 30 of the dudes Katie could end up with, including gym owner Mike, not to be confused with business owner Michael, Reno dancer Marty, nutrition entrepreneur Quartney, yes, that’s his job, and motivational speaker Carl. One of those dudes, were thinking Quartney, Marty, or either Mike, let’s out a supra-secret.  

The Bachelorette Pick: Yes 

How Many Times Will the Term “Be a Katie” Be Used?

  • Over 3.5 -120 / Under 3.5 -120

In the Urban Dictionary, Katie “is a girl who is the total package.” Some of these fellas probably aren’t very creative. So there go-to figures to be, “Be a Katie” as in, I wish all girls were like you, a Katie, a total package. Heck, these guys could blast over “Be a Katie” on the first night. 

The Bachelorette Pick: Over

Men Making Dramatic Limo Entrance Involving Props

  • 1-3 Men +175
  • 4-6 Men +150
  • 7-9 Men +125
  • 10-12 Men +250
  • 13 or more men +300

We’re going with 4-6. Dramatic limo entrances are overblown. Because Katie is a girl who is the total package, she figures to not care so much about limo entrances. Dudes who know that Katie is a girl who is the total package will also know she won’t care about limo entrances. Only 4-to-6 dunderheads will make the limo entrance a point of emphasis. 

The Bachelorette Pick: 4-6 Men   

Will Any Man Arrive To The Resort Shirtless?

  • Yes -150 / No +110

Oh, yeah. Probably, more than one. 

The Bachelorette Pick: Yes

Katie Has Sex With Any Bachelor During The Season 

  • Yes -185 / No +135

Uh, yep. I mean, how do you know if the dude is a good choice if Katie, who, we must remind you is a girl who is the total package, unless she checks out what’s under the hood?

The Bachelorette Pick: Yes

# Of Bachelors Katie Has Sex With During the Season

  • Over 1.5 -120 / Under 1.5 -120

Over 1.5 for sure. This is 2021. Women shouldn’t have any qualms about sex. We doubt total package Katie will. 

The Bachelorette Pick: Over

Bachelor Kicked Off For Racially Insensitive Comments

  • Yes +140 / No -200

The big hope is that ABC’s overlords, the menacing mice at Disney, told every dude to zip it, lock it, and put it in their pocket when it comes to any race talk. So, we’re going with no. 

The Bachelorette Pick: No