Betting Odds & Preview for Space Jam: A New Legacy

Betting Odds & Preview for Space Jam: A New Legacy

Written by on May 7, 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy is set to release in the United States on July 16. Although buzz for the film has yet to reach the heights of the first Space Jam movie, there’s plenty of time. Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy, and a few other Warner Bros. characters are sure to help LeBron James along his Space Jam journey. Check out current Entertainment odds and picks on prop betting options for Space Jam 2 so you can make your bets against their Movies odds

Entertainment Betting News: Space Jam Odds & Picks

2021 Space Jam Movie Odds

  • Opening Day: July 16, 2021

Jordan had 44 points in Space Jam 1 – LeBron to score more points than Jordan

Most agree that Michael Jordan is the greatest player in history. But LeBron James has dominated basketball since he entered the league. His lone peer, Kobe Bryant, who passed away in 2020, retired in 2016. The King figures to score at least 1 more point than Air Jordan did in the first movie.

Space Jam Pick: Yes

Bugs Bunny Total Points Scored in Final Game

Bugs remains Warner Bros. most famous character. Bugs Bunny may be even more famous than Mickey Mouse. 12 points seems like a lot, but Bugs can easily drop 30 on any given night. The thing is, though, he plays with LeBron in the upcoming Space Jam game. The King will dictate the flow of the game. So, 12 may be the limit. We’re going under. 

Space Jam Pick: Under  

Lola Bunny Total Points Scored in Final Game

There aren’t a lot of physical differences between female rabbits and male rabbits. In fact, plenty of female rabbits are bigger and more athletic than male rabbits. Point being? There’s no physical reason for Lola Bunny to score less than Bugs Bunny. She won’t be worse flying to the hoop. She won’t be worse backing down an opponent on the blocks. Also, as far as we know, Bugs and Lola will play the same position . . . guard-forward swing. 

Space Jam Pick: Over 

Daffy Duck Total Points Scored in Final Game

Daffy sort of feels like this Space Jam’s version of Rajon Rondo. You know the type. Close to a triple double with 14 assists, 12 rebounds, and 9 points? Daffy won’t come close to double-figures in boards or assists. He won’t come close to double-figures in points. But he could score 4, maybe, 5 if the interstellar refs call a foul.

Space Jam Pick: Under   

Will Bill Murray Appear in Space Jam 2?

No. Bill Murray won’t appear in Space Jam 2 because Bill doesn’t have an agent. So unless Warner Bros. called Bill themselves, and he happened to answer or check the message, he won’t appear in Space Jam 2. 

Space Jam Pick: No

Will Michael Jordan Appear in Space Jam 2?

It’s sad but some basketball fans today barely remember Michael Jordan. Oh, sure, they know that at one time the greatest basketball player of all time stepped onto the court. But young hoops fans remember MJ the way baseball fans in the 1990s remembered Willie Mays or Hank Aaron. So, no, the Charlotte Hornets primary owner and chairman won’t make an appearance. 

Space Jam Pick: No