Entertainment Betting Picks Odds On Who Will Play Madonna in Her Biopic

Entertainment Betting Picks: Odds On Who Will Play Madonna in Her Biopic

The most talked about upcoming movie project is about Madonna. If you’re too young to know who Madonna is, Google the Queen of Pop. At one time, in the 1980s, Madonna ruled. She, along with Michael Jackson and Prince, were the three biggest celebrity recording artists on the planet. Check out Entertainment odds on the actresses and singers up for the Madonna part. Then, see who the choices to get the gig. 

Who Will Play Madonna in Her Biopic? | Entertainment Odds & Picks

Who Will Play Madonna in Her Biopic Odds

  • Julie Garner +120
  • Sidney Sweeney +150
  • Florence Pugh +200
  • Sky Ferreira +250
  • Odessa Young +300
  • Alexa Demia +300
  • Emma Laird +450
  • Bebe Rexha +500
  • Evan Rachel Wood +800
  • Lourdes Leon +1200
  • Paris Jackson +2000

Top Choice: Julie Garner +120

It’s never a good idea to put money behind the chalk. But based on acting chops, Julie Garner’s resume is as good as any on this list. 

Garner’s claim to fame is playing Ruthie, Marty’s cleaning assistant on the Netflix show Ozark. Ruthie helps Marty wash the cartel’s vast amounts of greenery.

Garner is fantastic in everything she does. She also sort of looks like Madonna. So she gets the nod.  

Second Choice: Emma Laird +450

Laird was fantastic playing a high-end call girl in the limited series Mayor of Kingstown. Because she’s British, we know she has the acting chops to play Madonna.

Some of you may not know this, but in England, acting is a real profession. People go to high school and college to learn how to act. Laird will do a great job should she land the roll.

Can she sing? We don’t know. But there’s a question as to whether Madonna can really sing as well. So, the lack of an Adele singing voice won’t be a deal breaker.   

Third Choice: Alexa Demia +300

Demia is the best singer, songwriter, and actress combo on this list. She can pull off the role because she’s that good. 

Demia plays Maddy Perez opposite Zendaya on Euphoria. The show is about high school students who deal with drugs, violence, sex, the usual. 

Demia is great in her role and like we wrote above, she can sing and is a songwriter. So she may have insight into Madonna that others on this list won’t. Alexa can pull off the Queen of Pop for sure.  

Fourth Choice: Odessa Young +300

Australian actress Odessa Young already has a dynamite resume. The young actress has appeared in The Daughter, The Professor, and Assasination Nation.

The 24-year-old was also in The Stand, a 2020 miniseries based on the Stephen King novel, and Shirley, another 2020 project, opposite Elizabeth Moss.

Young is quickly becoming one of the most respected young actresses on the planet. She can definitely pull off the Madonna role and deserves a look to grab the part.