Game of Thrones Episode 3 Odds & Betting Preview

Game of Thrones Episode 3 Odds & Betting Preview

Written by on April 26, 2019

Okay MYBookie Game of Thrones lovers, with the buildup to the battle between the living and the dead now set, Sunday’s third episode of the eighth and final season of the wildly popular hit television show promises to be an action-packed thriller from start to finish. Better yet, thanks to Thursday’s release of the official Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 trailer – and this expert preview, fans and betting enthusiasts alike will have a decent idea of which characters are likely to survive this weekend’s big battle and which ones are going to see their GOT existence come to an abrupt end.

Game of Thrones Episode 3 Odds & Betting Preview

Series Info

  • When: April 28th (Worldwide)
  • TV: HBO
  • Live Stream: HBOGo
Here is a look at some of the value-packed Game of Thrones odds on the board at

Ruler of Westeros Season 8

  • Jon Snow +225
  • Bran Stark +300
  • Sansa Stark +500
  • Daenerys Targaryen +550

Who Kills The Night King

  • Jon Snow +120
  • Arya Stark +150
  • Bran Stark +350
  • Daenerys Targaryen +450
The preview for this weekend’s episode opens up with the Unsullied soldiers lined up in formation and preparing for war with the Night King. Flash through some of the show’s favorite characters as they get ready to face the White Walkers. Sansa broodingly states, “the most heroic thing we can do now is look the truth in the face,” and Jon issues a warning that “the Night King is coming.” “The dead are already here,” Daenerys on Drogon says in another quick shot. Next, Brienne sends out a call to arms with Jaime raising his sword under her command. With plenty of deaths imminent, fans and betting enthusiasts everywhere are wondering who’s facing their final episode this weekend, some of the likeliest candidates are: Grey Worm, Brienne, Jorah, Sam, Sansa, and even Tyrion. The Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 also suggests that the intriguing relationship between Dany and Jon will be as much a part of Sunday’s action as anything else.