2022 Golden Globes Betting Predictions for Which Network Will Host the Event

2022 Golden Globes Betting Predictions for Which Network Will Host the Event

NBC has said it will not air the 2022 Golden Globes, which means if the ceremony takes place, it will either look like the 2008 press conference that happened during the writers’ strike, or a different network will air the awards show. Oddsmakers believe there’s a good chance another network picks up the telecast. Check out an Golden Globes odds analysis of which networks will broadcast or stream the 2022 Golden Globes Awards ceremony. 

Entertainment Betting News: Which Network Will Host the 2022 Golden Globe Awards?

2022 Golden Globes

  • When: TBD

Which network will host the 2022 Golden Globe Awards Odds

  • Paramount +200
  • ABC +300
  • CBS +400
  • FOX +700
  • WarnerMedia +1000
  • PBS +1600
  • Newsmax +2500
  • BBC +3300
  • OANN +3300
  • RT +5000
  • Al Jazeera +10000
  • Bloomberg +10000

Among Paramount, ABC, CBS, and FOX, which network offers the fairest odds to host the Golden Globes next year?

CBS owns Paramount. So one or the other is the better play. Paramount, which really is Paramount+, most definitely could air the awards simply because it would be cheap and CBS’ streaming service wouldn’t get too much flak for backing the Globes.

But a better play might be ABC. The network that owns the Academy Awards telecast might want to use the Globes to build their Oscar show later in the year. 

Ratings for the Oscars have dived in recent years. ABC could see the Globes as a way to jump start the Academy Awards show.

FOX could land the Globes. FOX might decide now is the time to grab an awards ceremony and make it a part of their lineup. But FOX prefers the shows it currently has and may not want to get involved with what should be a liberal ceremony because of Fox News.

So at the end, ABC is the best bet.  

Name the network offering the most overlay odds among WarnerMedia, PBS, Newsmax and the BBC?

BBC could decide to snatch up the Golden Globes. After all, the Hollywood Foreign Press is, uh, made up of non-American journalists.

BBC could air the show on BBC America. That also makes sense. So instead of a Dr. Who rerun, they could air the Golden Globes.

WarnerMedia and PBS mot likely will show zero interest. WarnerMedia runs HBO Max. PBS won’t want the drama.

Newsmax could give it a shot. The right-leaning news channel and Donald Trump fanboy network might want to stick it to leftist elites by grabbing one of the most Hollywood back patting awards shows on the planet. 

Think Newsmax or BBC if you want to back an option in this odds category. 

Is either OANN or RT worth a look to host the Golden Globes?

The Russian Government funds RT, which makes them a real possibility to broadcast the Golden Globes. Russia loves to do anything possible to annoy the United States.

So why not stream the Golden Globes and force American celebrities to give speeches on their international network?

OANN, One America News Network, is more right leaning than Newsmax. OANN could decide to broadcast the Globes. But there’s no reason for OANN to purchase the ceremony.

So Vladimir Putin’s network makes more sense.  

Which network between Al Jazeera and Bloomberg offers the best odds to host the Golden Globes?

We like Bloomberg. It would take a massive upset for Al Jazeera to go for it. 

Bloomberg might, though, because they’ve become more entertainment than news. Ever since their owner, Michael Bloomberg, tried to steal the Democratic nomination for President last year, the organization has become sort of a laughingstock.

Few people, if any, take them seriously. Why not double-down and broadcast the meaningless movie and television awards show?

Between Al Jazeera and Bloomberg, it’s Bloomberg all the way.