Entertainment News: 2021 Razzie Awards Expert Analysis

Entertainment News: 2021 Razzie Awards Expert Analysis

Written by on April 14, 2021

A few days before the Academy hands out their awards for the best in motion picture arts and sciences, the Razzies hand out awards for the worst in motion picture arts and sciences. For the first time in, maybe, history a thespian has acquired Oscar and Razzie nominations for playing the same role. Check out analysis and picks for the 2021 Razzie Awards so you can get all set to make your bets against their Razzie Awards odds.

2021 Razzie Awards Betting Analysis, Odds & Picks

2021 Razzie Awards

  • When: Saturday, April 24

Worst Remake, Rip-off, or Sequel

  • Dolittle -300
  • Fantasy Island +450
  • 365 Days +600
  • Wonder Woman 1984 +1200
  • Hubie Halloween +1500

The Razzies likes to award movies that try hard and fail miserably. Dolittle got a 14% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Because Iron Man, that’s Robert Downey Jr., starred, there’s no way Raspberry voters don’t reward the movie, right?

Maybe, not. At least Dolittle had something going for it. The animals talked in Dolittle. That’s something. 365 Days had nothing going for it.

It’s difficult to understand why or how movies like 365 Days get made. The movie is a rip-off of the Grey movies. So, yes, 365 Days is an awful rip-off of an awful rip-off. That deserves our chalk money, don’t you think?

Which movie gets the underdog dollars? Wonder Woman 1984. The movie is a train wreck from beginning to end. To make things worse, the first Wonder Woman was fantastic. Gal Gadot couldn’t even save the disaster that is Wonder Woman 1984. 

Razzie Award Pick: 365 Days

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Wonder Woman 1984 

Worst Screenplay

  • Dolittle -110
  • 365 Days +200
  • All 3 Barbie and Kendra Movies +400
  • Fantasy Island +1000
  • Hillbilly Elegy +1500

Throwing a dart makes sense. But, yeah, we’ll go with Dolittle because it’s based on a classic movie with Rex Harrison. How do you screw that up? A 7-year-old with a Brother typewriter wouldn’t have screwed that up, but somehow, someway, the Dolittle folks did.

The underdog play is Fantasy Island. Who thought that was a good idea?

Razzie Award Pick: Dolittle

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Fantasy Island

Worst Director

  • Sia (Music) -175
  • Steven Gaghan (Dolittle) +400 
  • Barbara Bialowas & Tomasz Mandes (365 Days) +500   
  • Ron Howard (Hillbilly Elegy) +900
  • Charles Band (All 3 Barbie and Kendra Movies) +1500

We’re not going against Sia. She managed to make one of the most awful pieces of film, one with a racial stereotype and a stereotype about people with autism. How great is that?

Charles Band and Bialowas and Mandes are both deserving. But Hillbilly Elegy is an Oscar nominated film. Yes, you may laugh. So Opie is the top underdog play.

Razzie Award Pick: Sia

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Ron Howard

Worst Supporting Actress

  • Maggie Ziegler (Music) -140
  • Glenn Close (Hillbilly Elegy) +200
  • Kristen Wiig (Wonder Woman 1984) +900   
  • Lucy Hale (Fantasy Island) +1400
  • Maggie Q (Fantasy Island) +1500

Poor Maggie Ziegler. In the past when you played someone with a supposed disability it was an automatic Oscar nom. But there are so many different ranges of autism that, yeah, uh, sometimes it’s not really a disability. Bad one, Ziegler. Bad one.

Even though Zeigler deserves it and we won’t be surprised if gets the Razzie, we’ve got to back Glenn Close. How often does someone provide a performance that’s both brilliant and horrible at the same time?

Close got an Oscar nomination for the same role. That’s how brilliantly awful . . . and brilliantly great she was in Hillbilly Elegy. Others call it luck. We call it talent.

Hale and Q might split the vote, which is why Wiig, even though she wasn’t as awful, gets the underdog nod. Also, because WW 1984 (World War 1984) was such an epic fail, we should root for it to win as many Razzies as possible.

Razzie Award Pick: Glenn Close

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Kristen Wiig 

Worst Supporting Actor

  • Rudy Giuliani (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) -600
  • Shia LaBeouf (The Tax Collector) +600
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Iron Mask) +1100   
  • Bruce Willis (Breach, Hard Kill, & Survive the Night) +1500
  • Chevy Chase (The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee) +2000 

Giuliani wins this. But he shouldn’t. It was awesome watching Shia LaBeouf try to pull off Joe Pesci’s performance in Goodfellas. LeBeouf is so over the top. We mean . . . wow. Just wow.

Schwarzenegger is our top underdog play. Yes. Just because he’s Ah-nold.

Razzie Award Pick: Shia LaBeouf

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Worst Actress

  • Kate Hudson (Music) -160
  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka (365 Days) +250 
  • Katie Holmes (Brahms: The Boy II & The Secret) +800
  • Anne Hathaway (The Last Thing He Wanted / Witches) +1000
  • Lauren Lapkus (The Wrong Missy) +1500

We’re not going against the chalk in this category. Why would we? Kate Hudson is magical as a drug dealer who must manage a way to take care of her autistic sister. By the way, there’s good magic and bad magic, right? You can probably guess which kind of magic we’re talking about here. 

Anne Hathaway commits the most sinful act a thespian can commit. She allows viewers to see her acting. In the Witches, especially, she holds up blaring, neon signs that read, “I can act!” Anne is our underdog play.

Razzie Award Pick: Kate Hudson 

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Anne Hathaway

Worst Actor

  • Mike Lindell (Absolute Proof) -200
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Dolittle) +200
  • Michael Morrone (365 Days) +1000 
  • Adam Sandler (Hubie Halloween) +1200
  • David Spade (The Wrong Missy) +1500

Like Giuliani, Lindell will win even though he shouldn’t. Razzies should go to professionals and Lindell isn’t a professional actor. Or . . . is he?

Okay. We’re sold. Lindell is our top pick because he made what he believes is a documentary about how China, or Ch-i-i-i-na if your in Lindell’s camp, provided a cyber attack to flip the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

What’s so great about the film is that Lindell, and apparently everyone involved, really believe they made a documentary. The premise itself proves it’s a fictional movie. In the words of Joe Biden himself, “C’mon man!”

It’s always fun handing out Razzies to SNL alumni. But in this case, Michael Morrone, a good looking dude, makes himself looks stupid and it’s not on purpose. So, yep, he’s the underdog pick.

Razzie Award Pick: Mike Lindell

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Michael Morrone  

Worst Picture 

  • Music -140
  • Dolittle +350
  • 365 Days +400
  • Fantasy Island +800
  • Absolute Proof +1200

Fantasy Island is a stupid horror film with a famous title. If didn’t call it Fantasy Island, nobody would care. 365 Days is bad in so many ways. But it’s a foreign language film. Us Amuricans make the worst films, okay?

Dolittle is deserving but Music is offensive without trying to be, is awful in every way, and everyone involved probably thought they were making an important film. Self-important pieces of garbage always deserve a Raspberry.

If we write-off Fantasy Island as horror schlock, Lindell becomes our underdog pick. Again, the people behind Absolute Proof really, truly believe, they made a documentary. That’s classic. 

Razzie Award Pick: Music

Razzie Award Underdog Pick: Absolute Proof