2022 Razzie Awards Betting Analysis: Worst Supporting Actor & Actress and More

2022 Razzie Awards Betting Analysis: Worst Supporting Actor & Actress and More

The Oscar take place on Sunday, March 27, but if you want to lay money down on movies in what many believe is the awards show with gravitas, look no further than the Razzie’s on Saturday, March 26. Below, we list out the Razzie Awards odds and analysis for the four acting awards at the prestigious Razzies.

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42nd Razzie Awards

  • When: Saturday, March 26

Worst Supporting Actor

  • Jared Leto (House of Gucci) -125
  • Mel Gibson (Dangerous) +200
  • Gareth Keegan (Diana the Musical) +450
  • Nick Cannon (The Misfits) +1000
  • Ben Affleck (The Last Duel) +1200

Jared Leto is always a top play because he’s always, well, bad. It’s not that Leto has zero talent. It’s that he over thinks every role he gets. Every one of them. That’s what happens when method actors break bad. 

Choosing Leto might be easy money, but we’re going with the longest shot on the board, Benny Affleck. Really, Ridley Scott? You thought Affleck could hold is own against buddy Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and awesome Jodie Comer in a movie about King Charlies VI? Bad move, dude.   

Razzie Awards Pick: Ben Affleck  

Worst Supporting Actress

  • Judy Kaye (Diana the Musical) +100
  • Amy Adams (Dear Evan Hanesen) +105
  • Erin Davie (Diana the Musical) +650
  • Taryn Manning (Every Last One of Them) +700
  • Sophie Cookson (Infinite) +1000

Taryn Manning and Sophie Cookson are nominated for appearing in action / adventure movies. There is such a thing as an awful action/adventure film. But to be truly, amazingly, incredibly terrible, you must appear in something that pretends to be important like Diana the Musical or the horrendous Dear Evan Hanesen.

Amy Adams got stuck in a terrible movie. But let’s be fair. She does her best and isn’t that bad. At least, she’s not as bad as either Judy Kaye, who plays Queen Elizabeth, or Erin Davie, who plays Camilla. 

Both seem like decent stage actors. But another movie about Diana, Spencer, is one of the best of the year. The odds on Davie are better. So we’ll go that way. 

Razzie Awards Pick: Erin Davie  

Worst Actor

  • LeBron James (Space Jam: A New Legacy) -110
  • Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) +165
  • Mark Wahlberg (Infinite) +500
  • Scott Eastwood (Dangerous) +1000
  • Roe Hartrampf (Diana the Musical) +1200

LeBron isn’t an actor by trade. So he doesn’t deserve to win the award. Ben Platt, though, yeah, he’s bad.

The entire story behind Dear Evan Hansen is sort of ridiculous. Maybe, the story, which won a Tony Award when a Broadway play, is much better on stage. In any case, Platt is worthy of the Razzie for sure.  

But is Platt as bad as Roe Hartrampf for playing Prince Charles in Diana the Musical? To quote the Bard, we thinketh not.

Razzie Awards Pick: Roe Hartrampf 

Worst Actress

  • Jeanna de Waai (Diana the Musical) -135
  • Taryn Manning (Karen) +200
  • Amy Adams (The Women in the Window) +650
  • Ruby Rose (Vanquish) +800
  • Megan Fox (Midnight in the Switchgrass) +1000

Amy Adams, Ruby Rose, Taryn Manning, and Megan Fox all deserve the award. But there’s no need to search for a price play because Jeanna de Waai owns the Razzie for worst actress.

The problem de Waai has is that Kristen Stewart sets the bar for playing Diana in Spencer. Stewart is so good, and the film is so effective, that it’s difficult to imagine a musical about Diana’s life not being a joke.

So, yeah, Jeanna gets the Razzie for worst actress.  

Razzie Awards Pick: Jeanna de Waai