2017 NBA Championship Picks

2017 NBA Championship Picks

Written by on June 21, 2016

The Cleveland Cavaliers just completed one of the greatest sports miracles in history, coming back from 3-1 down to capture the NBA crown. The dust has barely settled on the parade through the streets of Cleveland, but we now have to look forward instead of back, and that means thinking about who might be a good bet to win it all in the 2017 NBA Finals. It might well stand to reason that the defending champions would be the favorites to come back and repeat, but there are some questions that need to be answered with that Cleveland team. With that said, let’s take a very speculative look at what the bookies might do when it comes to putting together the betting odds for the 2017 season.

2017 NBA Championship Picks


Where Will The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers be Next Year?

You have to feel that the Warriors don’t really have to do very much in order to get back to the Finals again next season. They have been there twice in a row, and are coming off what was the greatest single season ever in the history of the NBA. All of their major players are coming back, so I would expect them to be the favorites at the start of next season. Things are not quite so certain with the big 3 in Cleveland, as you have to assume that at least one of them will be moving on. Kevin Love looks the most likely to be the man on the move, but there are also rumblings that Kyrie Irving, or even LeBron, could also look to move. The cavaliers may well be a one and done, but if they stay close to where they are now, they will be among the favorites.

Who Might Challenge in the Eastern Conference?

The Cleveland cavaliers look like a certainty to come back strong and win the East once again, but who might challenge them. If the Toronto Raptors can strengthen their squad a little, they might not be too far away. The same can be said of the Atlanta Hawks, as word out of the ATL is that some big moves might be coming. While both of those teams have the ability to improve a little, they still seem a long way off the pace being set by the Cavaliers.

The Kevin Durant Factor in the Western Conference

The fact of the matter is that the Western Conference is much more competitive than the East, but there may be a little shift in power if Kevin Durant decides to move out of Oklahoma City Thunder. If he stays, look for OKC to once again be among the favorites. The San Antonio Spurs are going to have to get younger if they want to win a championship, but this is a team that always finds a way to win, no matter how old and creaky they may appear. They, too, should be amongst the betting favorites. Even if the betting lines were released right now, it’s still a little too early to start making bold predictions. This is something we will look at again when the draft and free agency is over, and we get a better idea of what each squad will look like heading into 2017.