Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have made it a mission to keep the Heat in the race for the playoffs.

NBA’s Best Bet The Under Teams

Written by on February 5, 2016

Winning money over the long haul is tough for any bettor, but it can be argued that playing the OVER/UNDER is one of the best ways to do so. Given that the online sportsbook odds in NBA games tend to fall between -105 and -115 for the OVER and UNDER, you really need to only pick the correct option 55-60% of the time in order to be in profit. The good news is that there are a ton of online tools that help you identify which teams are prone to getting involved in low or high-scoring games. For the purposes of this piece, let’s take a look at some of the teams that tend to fall on the UNDER side of the fence.

The Best Overall UNDER Teams in the NBA

If you are looking for a single team to regularly play the UNDER on, look no further than the Miami Heat. Their games have gone UNDER the point total 65.3% of the time this season, which isn’t a major surprise when you look at their numbers. The Heat don’t score a lot of points, and are averaging just 96.0 PPG. That, combined with a defense yielding just 95.8 PPG, adds up to a team that is involved in a lot of low-scoring games. The Heat go UNDER a little more often on the road than they do at home, with 66.7% of their road games going UNDER this season.

Which NBA Teams Score Low on the Road?

You would think that a 66.7% UNDER record on the road would be tough to beat, but there is one team in the NBA that has taken low-scoring on the road to ridiculous levels. 18 of the 24 New Orleans Pelicans games played on the road this season have gone UNDER the point total, which translates to a stunning 81.8%. They are followed by Miami, and then the Brooklyn Nets, who are the only other NBA road team to have the UNDER hit over 60% of the time.

Playing The UNDER In Divisional and Conference Games

Divisional games tend to be closely fought battles, and that can often mean that scores stay low. Some teams play it tighter to the vest than others in those types of games, and none does it better than the Atlanta Hawks. 7 of the 9 games that the Hawks have played in the division have gone under, for a total of 77.8%. There are two other teams that have gone UNDER in 70% or more of their divisional games, and they are the Utah Jazz (72.7%) and the LA Lakers (70.0%). Utah are also a good UNDER bet in conference games, as 60.7% of their games have gone that way. The Miami Heat are once again in this group, with 66.7% of their conference games falling on the side of the UNDER. The only other team that is over 60% in this category are the Dallas Mavericks, with 19 of their 31 conference games this season going UNDER the point total.