NBA Betting Predictions for the 2020 Playoffs

NBA Betting Predictions for the 2020 Playoffs

Written by on July 28, 2020

The 2020 NBA Orlando Playoffs tip-off on Thursday, July 30. What teams are ready to make waves in the NBA Orlando Bubble? Which teams should NBA playoff handicappers consider going against? Check out our National Basketball Association betting predictions for the 2020 NBA Playoffs so you can place your bets against their NBA odds!

NBA Betting Predictions for the 2020 Playoffs

NBA Orlando Playoffs

  • When: July 30 – October 17

Which team will grab the 1-seed in the Western Conference?

The Lakers offer +175 to win the NBA Title. Although it may feel good to go against LAL, it’s tough to do so. At least, it’s tough to go against the Lakers to grab the top seed.

Sure, the top seed means nothing because every game happens in Orlando. But, LeBron and Anthony Davis won’t allow the Lakers to take a backward step. Rajon Rondo is hurt, yes, but LeBron can fill in at point.

The real reason to peg the Lakers the 1-seed, though, is because 8 games aren’t enough for the Clippers to catch Showtime.

Which team will grab the 1-seed in the Eastern Conference?

The Milwaukee Bucks have a 6 ½ game lead over the Toronto Raptors. Giannis and his crew have a 9 ½ game lead over the Celtics.

Again, 8 games aren’t enough for either the Celts or Raptors to catch the Bucks. We can pencil in Giannis, Khris, and the rest to grab the 1-seed in the Eastern Conference.

What teams should NBA handicappers consider playoff success underlay teams?

An underlay is a proposition that offers less odds than it should. For example, if you don’t like the Lakers, then at +175 to win the NBA title, the Lakers are an underlay.

These are the underlay squads to stay away from as the NBA Playoffs start.

L.A. Clippers +300 – Lou Williams must miss 10-days. His mind obviously isn’t on basketball. Like the NBA Playoffs every year, the Western Conference is deeper than the East.

Houston Rockets +1300 – James Harden just joined the team. Russell Westbrook tested positive for Covid, what, 3 weeks ago? This team is good, but the odds are way too low to win the title.

Philadelphia 76ers +2000 – The Sixers have trouble winning on the road. Every game in Orlando is a road game.

Dallas Mavericks +4000 – The Mavs aren’t as deep as the Heat while both teams offer +4000 and have a superstar. Jimmy Butler, Miami’s best player, has been underrated his entire career. Luka and Kristaps are good, but they shouldn’t be enough for the Mavs to have a deep playoff run.

Name two surprise playoff squads from both conferences

We’ll start with the Eastern Conference.

Boston Celtics +1200 – Celtics should be no worse than +1000 to win the NBA Championship. Coach Brad Stevens will ensure the squad stays focused while Jayson Tatum has quickly become a Top 5 player.

Toronto Raptors +1600 – The Raptors allow 106.5 points per game. That ranks first in the NBA. Worried about offense? Pascal Siakam is instant offense.

Check out a couple of underdogs in the Western Conference.

Oklahoma City Thunder +8000 – The Thunder can play an entirely different second team from their starting five. That gives them an edge in many games. Also, Chris Paul has leadership skills for days.

Portland Trail Blazers +8000 – Jusuf Nurkic is back. So, the Blazers starting five is Nurkic at center, Carmelo Anthony and Zack Collins at the forward positions, and the best backcourt in the NBA, C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard.

NBA Playoffs starts on July 30

The 8 games teams play starting on July 30 are for seeding purposes. Don’t expect any team to get past the Lakers in the West or the Bucks in the East.

Those two teams have got the 1-seeds sewn up. Before taking short odds on any team other than the Lakers or Bucks to win rings, though, make sure to handicap each squad.

Once the playoff starts, teams like the Trail Blazers and Raptors, squads that can play a solid inside-outside game, should excel.