NBA Finals Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Overview

NBA Finals Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Overview

Written by on June 1, 2016

In championship boxing, there is nothing better than a re-match, especially if one of the fighters was not at their best in the previous bout. The Cleveland Cavaliers conquered the Eastern Conference in rather comfortable fashion, and will now have the chance to take another swing at the Golden State Warriors, the team that they lost to in 6 games in last year’s NBA Finals. Back then, the Cavaliers were without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, both of whom went down with injuries earlier in that playoff run. The fact that the Cavs were still able to take that series to 6 games was a testament to how good LeBron James is. The question now is how much better they will be with all three of their big guns available to play. The online NBA betting odds have now been set for the series, so let’s take a closer look at the potential winning tickets you can cash in if you like the Cavaliers to walk away as champions.

A Closer Overview of the NBA Finals Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Preview

Odds to win the NBA Finals for the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs find themselves in a strange position heading into this series, and that is as the underdog. They started the season as the favorite to win the Eastern Conference, and then were favorites to win all 3 series in the postseason so far. At +180, the Cavaliers are a pretty nice value bet, but you can make even more money if you can nail down exactly how many games they are going to win the series in. The sweep (+2500) seems highly unlikely, and the odds adequately reflect that. The most likely scenario for this series is 6 or 7 games, and there are still some very nice odds available for both of those options. The Cavaliers in 6 games sits at +500, while a 7-game series win comes in at +800.

Odds for NBA Finals MVP for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Realistically speaking, there are really only three Cavaliers players who are likely to be in consideration for the MVP once the Finals are over. In order for any of them to land this prestigious award, Cleveland are going to have to win the series, so I suggest only going this route if you feel that they can get the job done against the defending champions. Lebron James (+225) looks to be the obvious choice for Cleveland right now, as he leads the way in points per game (24.6), assists per game (7.0), and steals per game (2.0). Kyrie Irving (+1000) isn’t too far off those numbers, though, and could steal the MVP if he goes off in the Finals. Kevin Love (+2000) is a definite underdog, and would need a mammoth series in order to land the award.

Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

The Cavaliers are listed at +205 underdogs for Game 1, which I think is a pretty fair price given the Warriors home record. I’d likely be looking elsewhere, and as far as the current live odds go, I would take them +5.5. I also like the total to fall slightly under the 210.5 points at -110.