Lebron James - Early NBA Betting Power Rankings

Early NBA Betting Power Rankings

Written by on October 15, 2015

Now that we’re almost at the start of the 2015-16 NBA betting season, let’s take a look at where the Association’s teams stack up against one another.

Early NBA Betting Power Rankings


portland-trail-blazers#30 Portland Trail Blazers

This team was a fun group to watch last year, but four of their five starters left in free agency. How will they compete?

philadelphia-76ers#29 Philadelphia 76ers

Joel Embiid hurt his foot….again. Will Sam Hinkie’s neverending quest to tank and rebuild ever produce a decent team?

minnesota-timberwolves#28 Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Garnett is back home in a mentoring role. Can he motivate the young Wolves to play over their heads?

orlando-magic#27 Orlando Magic

Another year, another young core. The Magic need to make a statement in the East this year.

charlotte-hornets#26 Charlotte Hornets

This is still a bottom-tier team that needs to show people some things.

los-angeles-lakers#25 Los Angeles Lakers

This team still features 37-year-old Kobe Bryant as well as a group of young guards.

brooklyn-nets#24 Brooklyn Nets

There are some good veterans on the team this year, which means they won’t be quite as bad to watch, even with Deron Williams leaving town.

new-york-knicks#23 New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony should be able to deliver 25-35 wins in the East all by himself. Adding Robin Lopez, Arron Afflalo, Kevin Seraphin and Kyle O’Quinn should help a bit.

detroit-pistons#22 Detroit Pistons

This will be a roller coaster of a team, with some dizzying heights…and some major lows.

denver-nuggets#21 Denver Nuggets

Emmanuel Mudiay will be the talk of the town…for better for worse. Playing a year in China after high school has toughened him, but his game still is quite raw.

indiana-pacers#20 Indiana Pacers

Going small worked for Golden State. Not sure if it can work for Indiana.

dallas-mavericks#19 Dallas Mavericks

If the Rajon Rondo trade had worked out, the Mavericks would have been in a sweet position this year. However, the depth they traded for Rondo now plays in Boston, and Rondo plays in Sacramento. Hmmm.

sacramento-kings#18 Sacramento Kings

Is the drama now in the past for Sacramento? Maybe. Maybe not.

phoenix-suns#17 Phoenix Suns

Could the Suns make the playoffs this year? If they don’t make all of their players really mad first.

boston-celtics#16 Boston Celtics

The late-season push the Celtics put on should continue, leading them in the running for a lower playoff spot.

milwaukee-bucks#15 Milwaukee Bucks

This was a good team that got better in the offseason, but their veteran talent walked away.

utah-jazz#14 Utah Jazz

This group could win the eighth seed of the playoffs…and they could end up winning the lottery.

washington-wizards#13 Washington Wizards

In the playoffs, this team is always in Beast Mode. In the regular season, they’re much easier to solve, especially with Nene getting as old as he is.

toronto-raptors#12 Toronto Raptors

The postseason exposed the Raptors, so they added some help on defense, only losing Amir Johnson. Expectations are down, which means they could contend in the East.

new-orleans-pelicans#11 New Orleans Pelicans

Two words: Anthony Davis. His extension makes this team a quality club in the West.

chicago-bulls#10 Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose is injured…again. Can this team really contend? They couldn’t even beat Cleveland when the Cavaliers didn’t have Kevin Love.

atlanta-hawks#9 Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks aren’t going to win the 1-seed in the East this year, but they should still be very good.

miami-heat#8 Miami Heat

This team never really was healthy in 2014-15, either physically or mentally in the wake of Lebron’s departure.

memphis-grizzlies#7 Memphis Grizzlies

This team follows grit and hustle to the win column time and time again. However, they need to jack up (and make) more threes to win in this league in the playoffs.

los-angeles-clippers#6 Los Angeles Clippers

This team knocked the Spurs out of the postseason – and then coughed up a 3-1 series lead against Houston.

oklahoma-city-thunder#5 Oklahoma City Thunder

We need to see Kevin Durant at full strength, but the Thunder should be crazy-good this year.

houston-rockets#4 Houston Rockets

I like this team after the Ty Lawson trade – a lot.

san-antonio-spurs#3 San Antonio Spurs

LaMarcus Aldridge will make a huge difference for the Spurs. Yes, they’ll contend this year too.

golden-state-warriors#2 Golden State Warriors

The Warriors only lost five games in the entire postseason last year, and they won 67 games last year. Are they still hungry to the same level?

cleveland-cavaliers#1 Cleveland Cavaliers

This team is stacked with depth – and they are motivated to get revenge this year.