Memphis Grizzlies 2020 Season Analysis

NBA Memphis Grizzlies 2020 Season Analysis

Written by on March 20, 2020

We are, realistically, probably at least a month or two away from the return of the major sports leagues in the Unites States. With that in mind, it’s impossible to know what the sports landscape will look like once we do get back to the action. In baseball, the MLB was just getting ready to start the season, so they have a little more leeway. The same cannot be said for the sports that were creeping closer to the playoffs, which was the case with the NHL and the NBA. They may forego the rest of the regular season and play a shortened playoff with the teams that were currently sitting in playoff spots at the suspension of play. Things will become a little clearer once we get an official timeline in place, but for now, we can look at the games that have been played to see how each team in the NBA was going before it all ground to a halt. Let’s take a closer look at the Memphis Grizzlies. Here’s an overview of the Memphis Grizzlies 2020 season so far with NBA Odds and NBA Championship Odds.

NBA Memphis Grizzlies 2020 Season Analysis

Memphis Grizzlies Season So Far

 If the NBA does decide that they will roll with the teams currently in a playoff spot when the season returns, them the Memphis Grizzlies will be part of the picture, as they are currently occupying the #8 spot in the Western Conference. Playing the LA Lakers in the opening round, though, would not be the ideal situation. The Grizzlies are sitting a game below .500 at 32-33 on the year, although they do have a winning 18-15 record on home court, while going 14-18 on the road, which does not bode well for them in the postseason. They are 19-22 in conference play and just 4-7 in games against divisional opponents. They are 3 ½ games up on the team right below the playoff line, so by no means safe.

Memphis Grizzlies Key Season Stats and Personnel

As you might expect from a team sitting below .500 at this stage of the season, the Memphis Grizzlies are not really excelling in many areas on the court. They are averaging 112.6 PPG, which has them down in 13th in the league in scoring. Not exactly terrible, but not great either. It is Ja Morant who is leading the team in scoring with 17.6 PPG, plus he is also the team leader in assists per game with 6.9. In terms of field goal percentage, it is Brandon Clarke who leads the Grizzlies at 62.3%.

One of the biggest issues for the Grizzlies this season is that their defensive PPG average is higher than their offensive output. Memphis is giving up 113.7 PPG this season, which has them all the way down in 20th in the league. Jonas Valanciunas has been a rebounding beast, averaging 11.2 per game. De’Anthony Melton leads in steals, while Jaren Jackson Jr. leads in blocks.

How do the Bookies View the Memphis Grizzlies?

If we are being totally honest, the Memphis Grizzlies look like a certainty to be making a first round exit, even if they can manage to move up a spot or two, which seems unlikely. The bookies have them at a whopping +50000 right now.

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