Revised NBA odds to win the 2016 Hoops Championship

Revised NBA odds to win the 2016 Hoops Championship

Written by on April 13, 2016

Okay pro basketball roundball betting faithful, with the start of the 2016 NBA playoffs just days away from getting started, you need to know which teams are currently offering the most value in terms of potentially cashing in on their odds to win the 2016 NBA Championship. While the Golden State Warriors are clear-cut favorites to win their second straight title, the Dubs have challenges in front of them, most likely in the form of the San Antonio Spurs or Oklahoma City Thunder. In the Eastern Conference, the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers are favored to reach the NBA Finals for the second straight season, but they’ll likely be tested by a trio of teams starting with the Toronto Raptors and followed in quick order by either the Miami Heat or blossoming Boston Celtics. Okay, let’s get started with this analysis on each team’s chances of winning it all.

NBA odds to win the 2016 Championship

Team Odds
Golden State Warriors 1/2
Cleveland Cavaliers 4/1
San Antonio Spurs 4/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 20/1
Los Angeles Clippers 40/1
Toronto Raptors 50/1
Boston Celtics 75/1
Miami Heat 75/1
Atlanta Hawks 80/1
Charlotte Hornets 100/1
Indiana Pacers 200/1
Portland Blazers 200/1
Detroit Pistons 300/1
Dallas Mavericks 500/1
Utah Jazz 500/1
Memphis Grizzlies 750/1
Houston Rockets 1000/1

Golden State Warriors

The Dubs are looking to complete their mission of winning back-to-back titles and I see absolutely no reason they won’t, no matter what Charles Barkley says!

Cleveland Cavaliers

Sure, the Cavs may be the ‘Beasts of the East’, but I don’t think there’s any way they can beat Golden State or San Antonio should they reach the NBA Finals opposite either team. Hell, the Cavs could have some trouble on their hands in getting past a very good – and underrated Toronto team in the East.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs looked like the only team in the league capable of beating Golden State – until they got smacked around twice by their Western Conference rivals in the last week and saw LaMarcus Aldridge injure a finger on his shooting hand. Still, I suspect a date in the Western Conference Finals is a near-lock, unless…

Oklahoma City Thunder

Right now, I’m going on record to say that I can see the Thunder giving either San Antonio or Golden State a tough way to go. For some strange reason, I’m thinking Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are going to lead an upset over ‘someone’ this postseason. I know one thing, at +2000, the value-packed Thunder are definitely deserving of a wager.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers have tons of talent, but they also often play clueless basketball while repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot. Still with a roster that includes CP3, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and big game closer Paul Pierce, the Clips could surprise. At +4000, L.A. is offering an absolute ton of value.

Toronto Raptors

I love Toronto’s backcourt of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and believe the Raptors could very well upset the Cleveland Cavaliers if they can find a way to contain Kyrie Irving and keep Tristan Thompson from killing them on the boards.

Boston Celtics

Call me ‘cray-cray’, but when you take Golden State to overtime in one meeting and beat them at home in the other, then anything is possible for Brad Stevens’ young ballclub. All I can say about the C’s is that this team is going to be really tough for anyone to beat in the next year or two.

Miami Heat

If you’re pulling for the Miami Heat to meet and knock off LeBron James and the Cavs, raise your hand! Okay, you can put your outstretched arm down now. Seriously though, I think if all goes according to plan, Miami could make something kind of special happen this postseason, making their +7500 odds look quite salivating.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have proven to me this season and last, that they can’t get past Cleveland. Enough said.

Charlotte Hornets

This team is downright scary if you ask me. The Hornets have an elite point guard in Kemba Walker and a veteran low post scorer in Al Jefferson whose footwork would make Fred Astaire blush. At +10000, the Hornets face long odds, but hey, no one thought Villanova was going to win this year’s March Madness championship now did they?

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers are getting bounced out of the first round by Toronto. Sorry, but Paul George doesn’t have enough help just yet!

Portland Trail Blazers

If you like NBA basketball then you’ve got to love Blazers point guard Damian Lillard and his blossoming backcourt mate C.J. McCollum. Still, the Blazers aren’t quite ready to take out the Warriors, Spurs or Thunder right now.

Detroit Pistons

The Piston should win a game or two off of Cleveland in the first round, but getting past the Cavs will be extremely tough (not impossible), The Pistons do have talent starting with Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond, not to mention an underrated Tobias Harris.

Dallas Mavericks

This could be Dirk Nowitzki’s last postseason performance, so enjoy it for as long as it lasts (five games).

Utah Jazz

The Jazz may not even get into the playoffs and if they do, the young ballers will be one-and-done.

Memphis Grizzlies

Mike Conley and Marc Gasol have both been MIA for weeks now and so are the Grizzlies’ chances of doing much f anything in the postseason.

Houston Rockets

Uh…come in Houston! Oh…no one’s home? Kind of like the defense the Rockets have played all season long!