FEB 14 - NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2017 Contestants Predictions

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2017 Contestants Predictions

Written by on February 15, 2017

There are some NBA fans who would consider the All-Star Game to be a distant second if it were to come down to a contest between the game and the Slam Dunk Competition. It is the latter that gets a lot of play, simply because we get to see players doing things that just wouldn’t happen in a regular NBA game. This contest is the ultimate in one-upmanship, as each contestant tries to deliver something never seen before. Pulling off an incredible dunk can mean living on in All-Star Weekend history. You cannot see highlights of previous dunks without seeing Blake Griffin leaping over a car to make a dunk. It’s that sort of moment that the competing players will be looking for this weekend in New Orleans. Let’s look at some of the contestants for the Slam Dunk contest, as well as the latest NBA betting predictions here.

In Depth Analysis On The NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2017 Contestants Predictions


Aaron Gordon

There were some who argued that Gordon should have taken home the trophy last season after an epic dunk battle with Zach LaVine, which many fans believed was actually the best battle of all time. The bad news here is that LaVine is out for the season with an injury, which means he will not be around to try and deliver the threepeat. I believe this leaves the door wide open for Gordon. If he goes on the same type of mascot-leaping tear that he went on in last year’s event, he is going to be very tough to beat. He is the betting odds favorite here for a reason.

Derrick Jones Jr.

We have something of an unknown commodity here, as the Phoenix Suns player is still in his rookie season. Some research on NBA.com, though, revealed claims that this young man is the “best dunker you have never seen,” which may end up putting a little bit of pressure on him heading into the weekend. That said, you need to remember that Gordon was a rookie when he put on a show last year, so this may be an opportunity for Jones to become a household name overnight. My money is on this kid.

Glenn Robinson III and DeAndre Jordan

I am putting these two guys in the same category, simply because I expect this contest to be a 2-horse race. Of this pairing, it is Glen Robinson who is likely to score a little better, as the history of this contest has shown that bigger men don’t tend to do that well. Ni disrespect to Jordan, as he is an exciting player to watch, but I don’t believe that he has the dexterity or mobility required to make the sort of dunks that we can expect from Gordon and Jones Jr. Whichever way this goes, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest is always fun to watch and wager on. I believe that Derrick Jones Jr. is going to make a bit of a name for himself in New Orleans, which is why I am putting my money on him to be the Slam Dunk King!!