4 Hot Tips to Boost Your Winnings in the NBA Playoffs

4 Hot Tips to Boost Your Winnings in the NBA Playoffs

Written by on April 20, 2016

In the bid to trick bettors into placing certain NBA online betting wagers, sportsbooks are cooking up all kinds of betting trends, some so meaningless that even the dumbest of blondes would actually laugh at you for handicapping your picks based on them. I am talking about nonsensical trends like Memphis is 14-10 ATS in its last Thursday Games or The OVER is 7-4 when Golden State has allowed less than 100 points in previous games. I mean, does that mean that there is something magical about Zach Randolph and company playing on Thursday? Or better yet, is there some form of guarantee that the Warriors will post an OVER total if they allowed 100-plus points in their previous game? That’s just plain silly… if you ask me! No way the Grizzlies will be covering the spread against let’s say the San Antonio Spurs just because it is a Thursday. If you want to handicap your NBA picks the right way, stick to reasonable trends and source for real betting strategies that can be satisfactorily quantified over time. Wondering what I am talking about? Here’s a walkthrough on some real NBA betting tips that are guaranteed to boost you bankroll in the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

4 Hot Tips to Boost Your Winnings in the NBA Playoffs


UNDER Totals Rule in the Playoffs

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love high-scoring like the next guy, especially if I am watching an important game between a team like Golden State and San Antonio. Shootouts are fun, that’s the plain truth. Unfortunately, big or important NBA games are rarely high-scoring and game totals in such games seldom go OVER. Case-and-point, nearly three quarters of the Game Totals in NBA Playoffs over the last couple of years have stayed UNDER. For example, through the first 13 games of the 2016 NBA playoff, the UNDER is 10-3 (76.9 percent). The reason? Oddsmakers and bookmakers are well-aware that the general betting public loves to bet on OVERs. To accommodate for this need, the game totals in most games are often inflated, especially the ones between top-tier opponents, and the oblivious recreational bettors bite on such lines to their own bankroll demise. If you want to turn profits in such games; be wary of this fact and lean more on the UNDER side in your betting, unless of course there is REALLY a good reason to go on the OVER side.

Don’t Bet SU Against the Golden State… Until Further Notice!

No, I am not a fan of Stephen Curry and the Warriors (I roll with Russell Westbrook, KD and OKC), but I really do think that Golden State is really good and its dominance in the NBA is here to stay. This team can win with virtually any starting five and its ability to come from even the deepest of holes is simply astonishing. On a countable number of times in the 2015-16 NBA season, Curry and Klay Thompson have had shooting funks, but the team nearly always comes up with a winning formula. Then there is the fact that the Warriors are indomitable when playing in front of their fans at the Oracle Arena. Oh, and if you are asking about those 9 losses they had in the 2015-16 regular season, I know someone who knows someone who said someone told him that the Warriors actually wanted to lose such games, so they played badly on purpose. Okay, that’s a lie… but on a serious note, don’t bet against the Warriors in the SU lines… unless you have balls bigger than Andrew Bogut’s.

Don’t Dare Bet SU Against San Antonio at the AT&T Center

I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is that Gregg Popovich has going on in San Antonio is working. These guys just can’t lose when they are playing at home. Golden State did sneak with one win out of San Antonio in the regular season, but that was actually San Antonio’s lone loss of the entire season. Do you know when was the last time San Antonio previously lost at home before the defeat to GSW? You’d have to go back 49 games to find that San Antonio loss at the AT&T Center. And do you know the last time the Warriors last won a game in San Antonio prior to that lone win on April 10, 2016? The answer… Golden State had lost 33-game regular-season games in San Antonio, with their last win against the Spurs at home coming in February 14, 1997. Rounded off to the nearest whole number, that’s about 20 FREAKING YEARS of drought without a win at the AT&T Center!!! So, yeah, keep off betting SU against the Spurs when they are playing at home.

2-0 Series Lead is Pure Gold for Series Win!

This one is really self-explanatory. According to @EliasSports, NBA teams that take a 2-0 lead in a best-of-7 series in the NBA Playoffs go on to win 94.1% of the time. So, if you debating about a series winner and one team takes as a 2-0 series lead, I bet you now know what you should do.
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