Top NBA Betting Games of the Week (Dec 19-25)

Top NBA Betting Games of the Week (Dec 19-25)

Written by on December 19, 2016

Each of the teams in the NBA have played about 25 games so far this season, which is usually the point when we have a decent idea of who is going to do what in the regular season. To say that this has been a bit of an odd season so far is putting thins mildly, as the races in both conferences, particularly beyond the top 4, is as tight as I can remember in quite a few years. Yes, we are still relatively early in the season, but it’s still fun to see the log jam that we have going on with both conferences right now. What these tight races mean is that we have important games going on every single night, which makes picking just a few to focus on that much more difficult. I am going to try and pick out a few that might be fun to watch and wager on this coming week, so let’s dig into the NBA betting schedule a little.

Top NBA Betting Games of the Week (Dec 19-25)

Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers – Monday December 19

This match-up features a pair of teams that could well flip-flop positions before this week is over. The Pacers are occupying the #7 spot in the Eastern Conference, while the Wizards are down at #11. Despite being 4 spot apart, these two teams are only separated by a single game right now, which makes this one incredibly important. The Wizards are on a 3-game winning streak that has helped them reach the edges of the playoff picture again, and a win here could vault them into the top 8, which is where everyone wants to end up.

San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets – Tuesday December 20

Last season was one to forget for the Houston Rockets, but this is beginning to look as though it might be a bounce back year for them. Houston are currently the 3-seed in the Western Conference, and are only a game and a half back of the second-place Spurs. This has all the makings of a classic, and it has to be viewed as an early Christmas present for NBA fans everywhere. The Rockets are on a stunning 10- game win streak, but are sure to have their hands full against the talented San Antonio Spurs.

Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers – Wednesday December 21

It’s not really much of a surprise to see the defending NBA champions sitting at the top of the Eastern Conference, but there are some who would suggest that they are not dominating like they should be. This is a team that has proven they are built for the postseason, which could mean that there will be times when they might be a little vulnerable in regular season play. Could that open the door for the visiting Bucks this week?

San Antonio Spurs at LA Clippers – Thursday December 22

This looks as though it might be a tough week for the Spurs, as they have a couple of incredibly difficult road games to take care of. The Clippers have fallen off the pace just a little after a brilliant start to the season, but are still sitting at a very impressive 20-8. They have been particularly solid at home, but will be fully tested against a Spurs team that is 14-1 on the road this season.