Toronto Raptors 2020 Season Analysis

Toronto Raptors 2020 Season Analysis

Written by on March 19, 2020

The situation that we are in at the moment during this coronavirus scare is unlike anything we have seen before. With that in mind, it’s impossible to predict when or of we will see the current season return. While there are some who think that all the major leagues will eventually cancel their seasons, there is reason to be optimistic. Over in China, the basketball league over there suspended operations in January, but they are now calling players back in preparation for the resumption of the season. When you consider that the virus started there, you have to think that we might be on the same sort of track given the measures now in place. For now, we are going to review how things have gone for teams in the NBA to this point in the season, so let’s take a closer look at the 2020 Toronto Raptors. Here’s an overview of the Toronto Raptors 2020 season so far with NBA Odds and NBA Championship Odds.

Toronto Raptors 2020 Season Analysis

Toronto Raptors Season So Far

It is never easy to come into the new season as the defending champion, especially when you lost one of the players that was key to your success in the championship season. That is what the Toronto Raptors were forced to do, though, with Kawhi Leonard jumping ship in free agency in the offseason. The Raptors front office always knew that his departure was likely, which was why they built a solid team that could survive without him. They are certainly doing more than just surviving, though, as they are currently second in the Eastern Conference with a record of 46-18, which leaves them 6 ½ games back of the Bucks. The Raptors are 23-9 at home and on the road, while going an impressive 30-10 in conference play.

Toronto Raptors Key Season Stats and Personnel

This version of the Toronto Raptors is not one that you would consider to be explosive by any stretch of the imagination. They are currently averaging 113.0 PPG, which has them sitting down in 12th in the league in that category. Their 25.4 assists per game has them in a similar spot at #11. Leading the way in the offensive side of things is Pascal Siakam with 23.6 PPG. Kyle Lowry is averaging 7.7 assists per game, while Serge Ibaka is shooting 51.8% from the field.

Where things have been really good for the Raptors this season is on the defensive side of the court. They have surrendered just 106.5 PPG this season, which is currently the best in the league. Ibaka is not only shooting well, he is leading the way with 8.3 rebounds per game. Fred VanFleet is the leader in steals per game, while Chris Boucher is the leader in blocks per game for Toronto.

How do the Bookies View the Toronto Raptors?

The Raptors are a very well balanced team that has a legitimate shot at repeating this season, especially if they continue to play at such a high level on the defensive side of the court. As it stands at the moment, they are a very good option at +1600 to win it all this year.