NBA Total Win/Loss Bets You Can Still Make This 2018 Season

NBA Total Win/Loss Bets You Can Still Make This 2018 Season

Written by on March 9, 2018

While the 2017-18 NBA regular season is winding down, there’s still time to make some win total NBA odds wagers on teams in both conferences. Whether you want to drop some cash on one of the most elite teams in the league, a middle-of-the-pack title contender or a straight-up longshot.

NBA Total Win/Loss Bets You Can Still Make This 2018 Season

Boston Celtics

  • Over 53½
  • Under 53½
Analysis: Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics are sitting on 45 wins right now with 17 games remaining. I’m thinking it’s a virtual lock that Boston gets nine more wins at the very least to reach the 54-win mark. Take the Over people!Pick: Over 53½ Wins

Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Over 54½
  • Under 54½
Analysis: LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have 38 wins in 64 games. LeBron James and company are not getting 16 more victories with just 18 games remaining. Take the under in this easy pick.NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Under 54 ½

Golden State Warriors

  • Over 67½
  • Under 67½
Analysis: The talent-laden Dubs may be the defending champs and they could win it all again, but they’re not reaching 68 wins this season. The Dubs are currently 50-14 with 18 games remaining, they’d have to win out to go over their win total odds.NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Under 67½ Wins

Houston Rockets

  • Over 54½
  • Under 54½
Analysis: Seriously? Houston already has a league-high 51 wins with 18 games remaining. James Harden and company are a lock to top their win total odds!NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Over 54 ½ Wins

Los Angeles Clippers

  • Over 42½
  • Under 42½
Analysis: The Clippers are 34-29 and need nine more wins over their final 19 games. Mmm, I’m gonna’ have to say they don’t get it, simply because they’re perennial underachievers.NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Under 42½ Wins

Los Angeles Lakers

  • Over 32 ½
  • Under 32 ½
Analysis: Kyle Kuzma and the young Lakers need four more wins in their final 18 games. They’ll easily get it.NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Over 32½ WinsAre the Lakers a safe bet for the remainder of the 2018 NBA season?

Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Over 46 ½
  • Under 46 ½
Analysis: Minnesota needs nine wins in their final 16 games and I believe Karl Anthony Towns and company will easily get it imply because they’ve overachieved all season long.NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Over 46 ½ Wins

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Over 52 ½
  • Under 52 ½
Analysis: Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder are sitting on 37 wins and they need 16 wins in 16 games. Uh…that’s not happening at all!NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Under 52 ½ Wins

Philadelphia 76ers

  • Over 40 ½
  • Under 40 ½
Analysis: Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the rest of the mostly young Philadelphia 76ers are 35-28 right now with 19 games remaining. They simply need six more wins to top their O/U Total which they’ll easily get with their eyes closed.NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Over

San Antonio Spurs

  • Over 53 ½
  • Under 53 ½
Analysis: Not only will the Spurs (37-27) not top their win total odds this season, but they’re actually in danger of not reaching the 50-win plateau for the first time since James Naismith created the game!NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Under 53 ½ Wins

Toronto Raptors

  • Over 47½
  • Under 47½
Analysis: DeMar DeRozan and the Toronto Raptors are sitting on 47 wins right now with 18 games remaining. Unless they go 0-18, they’ll top their total!NBA Total Win/Loss Pick: Over 47 ½ Wins