Utah Jazz Analysis & Odds Before Restart

NBA Betting: Utah Jazz Analysis & Odds Before Restart

Written by on July 23, 2020

In about two weeks, the National Basketball Association restarts their 2019-2020 NBA Season. Among the 22 teams that have landed in the Orlando bubble, none will have as many eyes on it as the Utah Jazz. Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus on March 11. He’s the reason the NBA went on hiatus. Are their lasting affects for the Utah Jazz? Or, has the team shed the stigma that came with causing the NBA shut down? Check out an NBA Orlando Bubble analysis of the Utah Jazz! Let’s see how the NBA odds will be for the Utah Jazz heading to the Orlando Bubble.

Utah Jazz Analysis & Odds Before Restart

State of Utah Jazz heading to Orlando

Shortly after Gobert tested positive for Covid-19, the National Basketball Association suspended their season. That’s not a good thing, but it’s not the worst thing that happened to the Jazz.

Donovan Mitchell, Utah’s other superstar, also tested positive. Gobert and Mitchell claim there aren’t any hard feelings. Most believe otherwise.

However, there’s a silver-lining to all this. That’s in the past. Plus, Mitchell’s and Gobert’s positive tests happened before April, which is why we can rest assured that both players will be at one-hundred percent come July 30.

How will the Jazz handle the NBA Orlando Bubble?

Rudy Gobert said that the anonymous NBA tip-line, where players are encouraged to squeal on their peers, is “petty”. He’s got a point. Most NBA players would agree with Rudy.

It could also help him gain favors with other Utah player that feel Gobert let them down. The one thing about Rudy that we must all admire is how he came right out and said he should have taken the Covid-19 warnings more seriously.

But even if Gobert is at his best, the rest of the Jazz may not handle the bubble as well as some other teams. Then again, let’s put things in perspective.

The Jazz play in Utah, Salt Lake City to be precise. Utah is the most boring city in the United States. If there’s any team that can handle sitting around and doing nothing, it’s probably the Jazz.

So, expect Utah to be just fine, mentally speaking, in the NBA Orlando Bubble.

Utah Jazz NBA Title +5000 Odds Betting Analysis

Being fine doesn’t mean you’ve got what it takes to win the NBA Championship. Leadership means something in the playoffs and Utah doesn’t have much.

Neither Rudy Gobert nor Donovan Mitchell can provide true leadership. Maybe, one or both will surprise, but neither is a leader on the Giannis, Kawhi, or LeBron level.

That will be Utah’s undoing. To win a title, all players must defer to a single player. That doesn’t mean the single player scores the most points every night. It does mean the single player leads the team on the court.

Rudy won’t defer to Donovan and Donovan won’t defer to Rudy. So, expect much more than +5000 Odds to Win the NBA Finals on the Jazz to win rings. Also, look to go against the Jazz against the spread unless they offer more than fair odds.