2018 March Madness Betting Tips

2018 March Madness Betting Tips

Written by on February 8, 2018

There are certain sporting events that are just more fun to wager on than others. The Super Bowl may be at the top of the list, simply because of all the prop bets that come with the big game. March Madness betting action is also right up there, as it’s an opportunity to make a lot of money in a very short period of time. The possibilities come thick and fast once the tournament begins and it’s easy to blow your bankroll if you don’t go into it with some sort of strategy. We are going to take a quick look at some College Basketball betting tips that might help you maximize your profits during the March Madness tournament.

2018 March Madness Betting Tips

Playing the opening round

Many bettors look to get off to a fast start by looking for longshots in the first round. This is not a bad strategy, as there are going to be upset. That said, you need to play smart here. A #16 seed is not the way to go since they have never taken down a #1 in the history of the tournament. With that in mind, you might consider playing a parlay with a handful of #1 seeds. You are not going to get a huge payout, but you can quickly start to build your bankroll. As far as longshots go, the #12 versus the #5 has a habit of bearing fruit, as do mid-major conference championship winner going against Power 5 teams that did not win their conference.

Look at recent form

Teams that back into the tournament or come in on a losing skid are rarely able to turn it back on once March Madness begins. Look for teams that finished the season on a roll, as momentum does have a way of carrying over. This is another way where you might be able to find longshots or slim favorites, both of which offer value.

Keep emotion out of the equation

If you are a college basketball fan and have one team in particular that you cheer for, consider not wagering on them throughout the tournament. It’s great to have confidence in your favorite team, but more than one betting enthusiast has blown their bankroll by going all in with their favorite team when they really did not have the best shot at winning. Do not adjust your betting strategy and money management just to bet big on your favorite team.

Defense win championships

There is a reason why so many people are backing the Virginia Cavaliers to win it all this year, and that is because they have the best defense in the country. You don’t need to have an explosive offense when you are limiting your opponents to 52 PPG. The Cavaliers are among the 2018 March Madness Betting favorites. Defensively strong teams still tend to perform better even when they are going against teams that have a powerful offense.

Don’t play every game

Yes, we understand that the tournament is about as exciting as it gets, but you need to be able to contain that excitement and make only smart bets. The more games you play, the more likely it is that you will lose money. Take some time to select the games you feel good about on any given day and only play those games. If there is a match-up that you feel doesn’t offer value or that you are undecided about, skip it! Smart money management is the best way to come out on top over the course of all the March Madness betting ride.