MAR 30 - 6 Things To Know Before Betting The NCAA Final Four

6 Things To Know Before Betting The NCAA Final Four

Written by on March 30, 2017

This coming Saturday will see the Final Four teams hot the court for a shot at a trip to the National Championship game next week. This is the weekend that the bookies love, because they know that a ton of money is going to be dropped on those two games, most of which will stay in their pockets. It’s easy to bet with your heart as opposed to your head once it gets to this stage in any competition, which is why we believe there are some things you need to know about the NCAA basketball odds for the Final Four on Saturday.

Analyzing The 6 Things To Know Before Betting The NCAA Final Four


1. A #1 seed will move on

You have to go back an awful long way to find the last time that a #1 or #2 seed did not move on to the big game. There are a pair of #1 seeds, North Carolina Tar Heels and Gonzaga, in the Final Four, and history tells us that at least one of them will be moving on.

2. Playing the spread

Going back the last 10 years, there have been 20 Final Four games played, but do you know how many times the underdog has covered the spread? It’s perhaps a little closer than you might think, with the favorite going 11-9 ATS during that stretch. There is the opportunity here to make money on the underdog, even if you are convinced they are going to lose.

3. Take experience into account

The teams that do well in big games are often the ones that have been there before. If you subscribe to that belief, then you need to take a serious look at North Carolina. Not only is coach Roy Williams head and shoulders above the other 3 coaches in terms of playoff experience, this team also went to the Final last year, winning in the Final Four and covering as a 10-point favorite.

4. Picking an underdog to win

You have a pair of underdog options this weekend, and it’s fair to say that one is a much better option than the other. UNC should use their experience to get past Oregon, but South Carolina might well be worth a look against Gonzaga. It’s a first Final Four for both teams and nerves will play a role. That said, the Gamecocks have looked very confident throughout the tournament. The upset alert is on in that one.

5. Bide your time

Chances are you may be heading out to your favorite watering hole to watch the games, which may make you want to place your bets on both games before heading out. Play the opening game first, and then get mobile to play the second. You’ll know exactly how much you have to play with after the first game, and can get a little more creative in the second if you are up. Maximize winnings and minimize potential losses.

6. Take a parlay shot

If you do need to play both games at the same time, try to make your wager count by putting together a parlay ticket. You can bet a little less in the long run whilst boosting the amount that you can potentially win.