March Madness is all about having a perfect bracket.

The Awesome Challenge of March Madness Betting

Written by on February 19, 2016

March Madness is a great time to bet on sports. There are a ton of college basketball games, and many of them are played at the same time. You can start March Madness wagering when the calendar turns to March, because there are conference tournaments to bet on. March Madness is awesome, but there are certainly challenges to betting. Let’s take a look at them.

The Challenges of March Madness Betting

Do Not Bet All of the Games

There are so many games being played – do not feel like you have to bet on all of them. Use each day differently, and find the slate of games, and the point spreads, and pick the ones you like. Go back, and then look over those games and select the ones you feel you have an advantage on. Do not be discouraged by the amount of games that are able to bet. Be selective and make the right betting choices.

Upsets will happen

Every year we find out that upsets in March Madness will happen. We just have to accept that. Maybe, we will bet the upsets, but most of the time, we will be wrong with our betting of upsets. That’s certainly a challenge of March Madness, and will definitely be a challenge this season in a year where no one really knows who is the best team in college basketball.

Backdoor covers will happen and vice versa

You will get screwed on a bit at least once during the March Madness. It’s bound to happen – where you are getting ready to win the bet, and a meaningless three point shot goes in, and you lose. Take the good with the bad, and understand, that’s the way it goes in the world of betting.

Betting lines will vary from place to place

If you use various sportsbooks, you will have an advantage. With a betting line at -3 at one place, it may be -2 at another. Be sure to take advantage of your different sports books, and do your homework. is the best place to find great odds this March Madness.

Everyone thinks they know how to bet on March Madness

This is certainly a challenge, because you are going to get one person saying Team A will win, and another person swearing that Team B will win. It’s probably best to stick with a solution that has worked all year for you, and that’s your own knowledge, and find a website that you prefer covers college basketball, and look over their information. There you have it! March Madness will have it’s share of challenges, but in the end, betting on the NCAA Tournament is the best. Be sure to not get too discouraged by the challenges, and dominate the game. Best of luck!