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Best Winning Betting Strategy for March Madness Brackets

Written by on February 24, 2016

As we approach the NCAA Tournament, it’s time to start looking at the best strategies to bet on March Madness. It’s hard to come up with just one strategy, so we are going to look at a few ways this could work out well for you. Keep in mind, the tournament this season is as unpredictable as any tournament ever, so who knows what will happen. Here is a look at the best betting strategies to win your March Madness bracket.

Best Winning Betting Strategy for March Madness Brackets

Take a 16 Seed to Beat a 1 Seed

Okay, don’t do this. It has never happened, and it will not happen this season as well. Eliminating one of the top four teams in the first round could be a fatal flaw that would eliminate you from most pools before you even begin the tournament. Don’t try to get cute, take the safe bet here.

Find One Sleeper and Ride With Them

Why Not? A sleeper team could get to the Final Four. A sleeper team could win the national championship. Now how big of a sleeper team, and what team that is going to be, is up to you. But find a team you really like during the regular season, do your homework on them, and bet them!

Go All Chalk

Because this tournament is so unpredictable, don’t you think so many others will try to get cute and predict something they really do not know. We do! So take chalk. Take most of the best teams in the country all season long, and get them to the Final Four. Then, you are out of the guessing game. This is a great year to do this strategy.

Bet Against Last Years Champions

The Wisconsin Badgers and Duke Blue Devils were in the final game. This is a good year to bet against them. Both teams have saw their share of adversity this season, and both teams lost a ton of talent from a season ago. This is a good year to go against last year. Bet against Duke and Wisconsin as early as you can find them losing a game.

Use Location as Final Factor

Keep in mind, all games are played on neutral courts. Take the fans into account, and which team will have the most at the game. Use that as the final straw when you have a game you are unsure about. This could really help out, because as we know, home fans make a huge difference in college sports. Best of luck with your NCAA College Basketball March Madness pools. We wish we could help you more, but good luck, and enjoy!