Villanova vs. Hofstra Game Analysis & College Basketball Betting Pick

How To Bet 2017 March Madness

Written by on February 13, 2017

Whether you’re an experienced college basketball betting lines enthusiast or a casual fan that only bets when March Madness rolls around, you’re going to get five great tips that could help you cash in big once the national championship tournament rolls around. Now, let’s get down to business.

Here’s A Closer Look At How To Bet 2017 March Madness


Streaking or Struggling?

The first thing any college basketball betting enthusiast should do is look at the recent ATS trends of both teams in any game they may potentially wager on. Simply put, knowing whether or not a team is either streaking – or struggling – will give you the best insight into which team likely stands the best chance of cashing in for that particular matchup. For example, let’s say that Villanova Wildcats has gone 8-2 ATS in their last 10 games and they’re facing a St. Joe’s team that has gone a polar-opposite 2-8 ATS in its L/10. While several other factors could decide the ATS outcome of this hypothetical pairing, you had better believe that Villanova stands a better chance of cashing in than their in-city rivals.

Who’s got the Edge in Talent, Maturity and Coaching?

More often than not, the team with more talent is the one that will win – and likely cover. Does one team have a clear-cut edge in talent? Is the point spread far too high for the ‘better’ team to cover or is it reasonable? Not only should college hoops bettors look at the talent base of each team, but also at the overall maturity of each teams’ players and their collective mindset coming into the contest you plan on wagering on.

Find Value-Packed Matchups

The first thing any bettors should know is that sports oddsmakers are not in business to lose money and are very good at what they do – setting lines that more often than not, bring them a winning return no matter which team the majority of the public backs. Having said that, clearly some games offer much more value than others, while some, are absolute giveaways if you ask me. Finding these matchups is where all the work comes in, but make no mistake, each and every night, there are generally one or two cakewalk ATS outcomes waiting for NCAA college basketball bettors everywhere.

Coaching Matters

College basketball coaches, unlike their professional counterparts, weigh heavily on the outcome of their games whether it’s through timely substitutions or routinely altering their game plans. A sage college coach can theoretically change his defense from man-to-man to myriad zone defenses, or vice versa. If one coach is far superior to the other, that team will likely have a better chance of winning. Remember, in college basketball, coaching matters!

Real Record vs. Padded Power-Puff!

Make no mistake about it, all teams are not created equal, even if they have identical SU records. Or example let’s say Michigan and a team like Cleveland State Vikings are both 21-5, but Michigan has compiled their record playing in the rough and tumble Big Ten while Cleveland State has beaten a bunch of mid-major programs that wouldn’t win 10 games playing in an powerful conference like the Big Ten. Well, the simple fact of the matter is that Michigan’s 21-5 record against far superior competition is a lot more meaningful than Cleveland State’s identical 21-5 record. Make sure you know if a team has played a powder-puff schedule or whether they play tough competition all season long. In the end, it could mean everything.