Men's College Basketball Betting Update: March Madness Odds Favorites and Dark Horses

Men’s College Basketball Betting Update: March Madness Odds Favorites and Dark Horses

In college basketball, we tend to see some very familiar teams make a run at the National Championship once March Madness rolls around. A quick look at the current rankings and you see a lot of the usual suspects hanging around the top 25. As always, there are a lot of very good teams getting set to head into the tournament, but we all know that only one of them can actually win it all. Which team will that be? Your guess is as good as mine, as March Madness always tends to be a bit of a crapshoot. That said, there are some favorites worth taking a look at, as well as a couple of potential dark horse teams that could upset the apple cart. Let’s take a closer look at our College Basketball Betting updated for the rapidly approaching championship tournament so you can bet against the March Madness Odds.

NCAA Basketball March Madness Betting Favorites and Dark Horses for the Upcoming Tournament


Gonzaga Bulldogs – The Bulldogs have been one of the most consistent teams in college basketball over the past few seasons. They came close to winning it all last season before falling to Baylor in the National Championship Game. As good as that team was, you could make the argument that this version is better. Defensively, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have improved this season, and you know what they say about great defense and winning championships. They have been the runner-up in 2 of the last 4 tournaments, but this might be the year they go one better.

Kentucky Wildcats – The Wildcats are currently ranked at #7 in the nation, and with 6 losses under their belts, some might be inclined to pass on them, but there is an awful lot to like about this team. 5 of their 6 losses have come against ranked opponents, with a loss to Notre Dame the other, and in a good portion of those games, they were either playing on the road and/or without some of their key starters. If the Kentucky Wildcats can stay healthy in the tournament, look out.

Arizona Wildcats – The #2 team in the nation has to be considered one of the favorites to win it all this season. They are an incredibly talented group that seems able to turn it on when needed. We have seen them come out and fall into a hole several times this season, only to dog themselves out and go on runs of total domination. This is a team that always seems to find a way to win, which makes the Arizona Wildcats incredibly dangerous.

Dark Horses

With limited time and space here, we have cut things a little short with the favorites, but you could also mention Auburn in that group.

As far as the dark horses go, there are a couple of teams that jump out, and while they could be considered by many to be favorites, the bookies currently have them in at odds that look very tempting indeed. We have to start out this conversation with the Duke Blue Devils. As well as being a very good team, they also have the sentimental thing going for them this year as they try to send Coach K off with another title.

You also have to consider the Baylor Bears, who come into this tournament as the defending champions. You have to go all the way back to 2007 to find the last time a team repeated as champions, so perhaps history is against the Bears. They are still definitely worth a look.


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