2019 College Football Total Wins Odds Expert Analysis.

2019 College Football Total Wins Odds Expert Analysis

Written by on July 8, 2019

Every team enters the new college football season with hopes of making a run that takes them all the way to the National Championship Game. For some, that dream will die early, as 2 losses tend to be the point at which you are out of the playoff picture. College Football is undoubtedly one of the most unforgiving sports out there because of that.

The margin for error is ridiculously thin, with each of the favorites under intense pressure to win every week and do so in some considerable style. The total win odds for each team have now been released for the upcoming NCAAF season, so with that in mind, we are going to look at the top 4 teams in the game to see where they stand and how they might fare.

2019 College Football Total Wins Odds Expert Analysis

Clemson Tigers

  • 2019 Season Total Win Odds: O/U 11

The defending champions have been handed a tough number to beat by the bookies, but given the current state of the ACC, it’s a number that is more than a little reasonable. In short, the Tigers would need to go unbeaten on the year to surpass their win total, which they can almost certainly do given that they have one of the most exciting QB’s in the league.

It’s never easy to come out and repeat as a champion, but the Clemson Tigers have all the tools to do so. At the very worst here, I think we are looking at a Push, but I think they might well go unbeaten.

Alabama Crimson Tide

  • 2019 Season Total Win Odds: O/U 11

Making it through the SEC totally unscathed is no easy feat, but that is exactly what the Alabama Crimson Tide are being asked to do with this win total. Like the team that beat them in last year’s National Championship Game, the Tide are going to need to go unbeaten in the regular season to surpass the 11-game win total.

That is a much tougher ask in the SEC than it is in the ACC, which is why I am a little on the fence with this one. Yes, Alabama is going to be great again, but I think I would be steering clear of the OVER, with the Push the most likely outcome.

Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs missed out on the playoffs by the skin of their teeth last year, gassing a lead in the SEC Championship Game against Alabama, a loss that ultimately cost them a shot at a playoff berth.

NCAA Football Total Wins Odds.

The Dawgs will once again be great on defense, and while they are thin at the WR position, they have a running game that is second to none. I don’t see Georgia blowing out a lot of teams, but I also see them handily winning the SEC East, especially if they take out a Florida team that is on the rise. I am taking the Bulldogs to go OVER 10 ½.

Oklahoma Sooners

  • 2019 Season Total Win Odds: O/U 10

Oklahoma thrived in the last couple of seasons thanks to stellar play at the QB position. Kyler Murray was brilliant in talking over from Baker Mayfield last season, but he is now off to the pros, which means that Jalen Hurts, who transferred in from Alabama, will be under center this season.

Hurts is a very talented QB, but you can also argue that he is a downgrade from Murray, which could mean that the Sooners offensive output dips a little. If they don’t tighten up defensively, that could mean trouble. I am on the UNDER here.